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  1. Happy Birthday MonkeyMattius!

  2. So Angry With Peoples Ford

    Get onto the web and find somewhere you can post a review. Kuga is a nice car though so Congrats on your Ford, seriously can't believe what I've just read, hope you don't have anymore issues mate!
  3. Front Bumper Lip For Mk6.5 Zetec

    Hey Guys, I am wondering if anyone knows of any front bumper lips for the fiesta mk6.5 zetec, i've looked all around and I can only find pre-facelift bumper lips. If anyone knows anywhere where I can pick one up it would be massively appreciated. Thought fiesta place would be best for this if you've seen one whilst shopping. Cheers in advance guys!
  4. What Can You Fit In Your Ford?

    Believe it or not I travelled back from the other side of Notts with furniture for a summer house in... not much room left for me but it fitted. :)
  5. Got An Error On Your Car?

    Anyone know of any of these compatible with the mk6 facelift fiesta? Be interesting to see if anything is wrong diagnostics wise on my car! I need this! Love the geeky techy stuff.
  6. 20130304 145313

    The interior of my fiesta, complete with JVC KW-AV60BT

    © Matt Cumberland

  7. Fiesta rear

    The rear of my car.

    © Matt Cumberland

  8. Fiesta front

    Thought i'd post some pictures and see what people think to my partner in crime... Meet fibi!

    © Matt Cumberland

  9. Probably Getting A Focus

    Very nice looking cars the escapes. Looks like a cracking motor to me. On the other hand 66p for a litre of fuel would be lovely, sometimes wonder why we are paying so much. I know Britain likes to be "green" but over double seems a bit excessive. Either way, good buy matey.
  10. Congrats on your fusion Steve, Bet your loving that, my dad had the same model omega when we had the caravan and found it was a very thirsty car. On top of that when the head gasket went it cost a small fortune! The fusions are nice cars, I always look at them as the fiestas big sister to be honest. When I had a slight vibration in the wheel it was caused by a small nick that had somehow happened on the inside of the alloy by the person before me. Don't know whether that helps. :)
  11. Focus Advice - £1000 - £1500 Budget (OLD THREAD)

    That many problems at 55k? jesus. Focus' are a safe bet, mate of mine had a Y plate one with 122k on it and it was fine. Maybe he just got lucky, it did a lot of business miles though so all motorway I guess. I agree with Clive though, zetec or ghia will get you a decent pull from the engine without being too sporty. Try websites like pistonheads in the classifieds, there are some dealers on there which might be worth a shout. As for the megane I guess it would depend on what the warning lights are now it's an MOT failure for them, sisters rover 25 has got the srs light on at the minute and mechanic said it would have to be sorted before it has it. Might be cheaper to get them off before selling it?
  12. Fiesta Tdci 08

    Welcome, 19k on the clock is amazing for an 08... I've done that in mine in 2 years! As for the engine it's not something i've heard about, keep it serviced and treat her like you would a lady and you should be fine. :)
  13. Tints

    Tints didn't affect my insurance at all when I told them about it. I love the look of my tints, can't comment on them being damaged because I don't have people in the back that often, maybe once a week and then its people who know not to touch the windows or i'll cry haha. Never seen the blinds myself though, if they're a close match at a fraction of the price they could be a solution, if not permanent just temporary. Might have to look into them.
  14. Whoever the focus guy is, good choice on the orange stripes. I haven't done much, mostly because of my insurance and mine will probably become a first car for someone. I have done however, orange stripes kit, never seen my central stripes kit anywhere else (not sure if anyone would want it haha). Rear tinted windows down to 5% light 6.1" touchscreen JVC unit DMB gel badges Fly eyes back lights and reflectors Ordering a flip key for it tomorrow (locksmith near me can do them apparently :D) So yeah, thats all i've done, mostly just wanted to say that i'm so glad i'm not the only one with black and orange :).
  15. Flip Key Solution?

    Hey guys, I've tried the transfer your parts over thing before and couldn't get the carbon chip out of the top of the remote, don't know whether has any Ideas on moving the circuitry and carbon chip over? I'm tempted by the one you just program but I only have one remote key and one not, would I even be able to program the key when it got to me? I really want to do this so if anyone can move the circuitry or knows a sure fire way to move them over (always afraid I'll break the circuit board!). What does oem key even mean? Actually any help would be appreciated!