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  1. Focus Titanium 2012

    It'll be DDS then as that's the system described in my handbook. Defo didn't get a warning. It's going in for some other work on Tuesday so I'll mention it to them. Thanks.
  2. Focus Titanium 2012

    Thanks. I'll give it a go in the morning but I'd better get the wheel checked out first at the tyre place and no doubt they'll know. Appreciate your help.
  3. Focus Titanium 2012

    No idea. Just whatever is standard on this model.
  4. Focus Titanium 2012

    Hi, has anyone ever had cause to see the warning for a low tyre pressure? I went over a pothole today and discovered about an hour later that my front near side was flat. I hadn't noticed before I got in the car but obviously did when I started to drive off and immediately stopped. A trip to the tyre place near me tomorrow after inflating the tyre, which I had done and seems to be holding. I had no warning of this as I started to drive, just wondered if anyone has seen it work? I always reset it after ever inflating the tyres. Many thanks.
  5. Sync

    Don't think the air con or sat nav is available via sync in the UK. I have heard from Ford with the standard reply that they need to know my local dealer. As my local dealer cannot resolve the problem I can't see the point in Ford knowing who cannot fix it.
  6. Sync: Iphone Texting Problem.

    Yep. Notifications is on, still no caller i/d.
  7. Sync: Iphone Texting Problem.

    You're very lucky but thanks for your reply. Switching notifications on and off in Sync makes no difference. I've yet to hear from Microsoft/Apple/Ford so just about to give up. Thanks all for your help.
  8. Sync: Iphone Texting Problem.

    Thanks for your comment. When you say it works for you, do you receive a caller I/d? I only get "text from unknown". As regards Notifications: makes no difference if it's on or off. Appreciate your reply.
  9. Sync: Iphone Texting Problem.

    Thanks for that last post, at least I can see that you can only receive a text if the iPhone is locked but, unlike the ad it will not show caller i/d. I have emails with Apple/Microsoft and Ford outstanding. If I receive any positive news I'll post it.
  10. Sync: Iphone Texting Problem.

    Thanks for the comments. As regards Microsoft\Sync; surely it's Ford's responsibility that the software installed is compatible with one of the most popular phone manufacturers and not advertise something that only works with certain phones. As regards Sync not supporting SMS on iPhones: if that were the case I would not be able to receive ANY texts, but I can, unfortunately only when the phone is locked and without caller I/D. Thanks again but I don't want to give up on this one without a (bit of) a fight.
  11. Just had my Focus Titanium serviced and mentioned the problem of not receiving notification of who is sending a text (as per the advert) as well as the fact that you can only receive a text if the phone is locked. Apparently this is something Ford are aware of and I was given a document explaining how this is rectified. This document only shows you how to unsync and ensure you check settings whilst sync is disconnected. Done all that repaired the phone and nothing has changed. The garage said that this fault was to do with the release of ios8 but I have had the same problem since having the car from new two years ago. Presumably there is no cure to this problem but thought I would post in case anyone else has experienced this problem and, of course, if anyone has a fix. I'd be interested to know if anyone has iPhone on ios 8 (or 8.1) and it works OR, if anyone has ANY mobile phone that does work correctly with Sync. I'll now email Apple to see what they have to say. Many thanks for listening.
  12. Had to have my windscreen replaced recently and immediately discovered (after the fitter had gone) that one of the wipers had not been replaced properly. This had to be rest by a Ford garage (under warranty) after the fitter had returned and thought he'd rectified it. A few days later I get a warning message saying the screen needed cleaning (it didn't) and my lane keeping aid was faulty. It's booked in (again) to have this looked at and to obtain a quote to try and claim against the windscreen company. I now find that I have also lost the use of auto headlight dipping and speed limit recognition. I say all this to make sure you check out any sensors/cameras are working (if you have them) after having a new windscreen fitted.
  13. Just some info for anyone having difficulty understanding some of the specifics of the Sony SatNav: trial and error I'm afraid. I have contacted my local dealer AND Ford directly and no-one seems to know the specific model fitted to my car (even after providing my VIN) as there is a customisation element. It doesn't look good that the manual that comes with the car does not go into specifics but if anyone has any other information on manuals for this type of SatNav I'd be grateful.
  14. Rear Camera

    Focus Titanium: did I dream it or should the rear camera on reversing show lights when a sensor is close to an object as well as an increasing tone? I know it does for the front (lights and tone). If there should be lights then mine have stopped working. Thanks.
  15. Focus Titanium 2012

    Hi Alex Thanks for the reply. Rather frustrating not having an actual manual for the SatNav. I had trouble getting somewhere when the postcode wasn't recognised, figured you used something called "tolerance" whatever that might mean. Anyway, there is an arrow on top right which I presume may be a compass? If it is it doesn't work on my satnav as I could be travelling east and it points west. Thanks again. Spangle.