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  1. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    It only went and happened again. Good thing I kept my bent coat hanger! Now taped a bit of Plastic over the hole!
  2. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    Happened to me last night, car keys went down there. Took me a while to realise where they were. Drove home, got a wire coat hanger and spent 10 minutes fishing them out. Sounds like I was lucky. Tempted to put a piece of Card or plastic over the hole this weekend.
  3. ZS Black E/B 140 Real World Economy

    my 125ps Fiesta gets 50+ mpg on motorway @ 70 mph and slightly less around town. Average 50mpg. But for first 7,000 miles it was a bit lower. But if you mash your right foot it will drop a lot.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums the_penfool :)