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  1. Sync

    Thank you both for your replies. Spangle with respect to climate control where fitted, the sales manager at my dealership in the uk said that on cold mornings he often used the defrost screen voice command and that he found it a very useful function. I have not actually seen it in action myself but I assumed that he was driving in the UK maybe mistaken? Unfortunately climate control is not relevant to me and my Zetec. Artscot79 I appreciate the info. I will trawl the forums. Doubt if I will be able to use voice commands for the radio for a while as my version of sync has removed the option, however I live in hopes of Ford rolling out an upgrade in the not too distant future. In the meanwhile I emailed Ford to have a moan. The reply, if any, will probably confirm what you said..
  2. Sync

    Hi spangle very surprised that voice control of the radio and climate control were not available with your model. The impression I was given after taking ownership of mine this week was that it had only just changed. The salesman made a big deal of how my car would have the latest sync technology inc emergency assist etc. When we test drove both the fiesta and focus demonstrators he made quite a show of the voice control over the radio, waveband and frequency selection. The demonstrators were both zetecs. He obviously forgot to mention that the latest sync version had lost this function. when I returned the day after to find out why I couldn't tune in the radio using voice commands a different salesman pointed out that that function was no longer available. On moaning to the Sales manager he agreed that he had complained to ford at a sales seminar that withdrawal of the voice function over the climate control was disappointing as he often used the defrost command. He told me that he had been unaware that the demonstrators had the old sync and he would ensure his salespersons would make sure that prospective buyers were not misled. Your model must be newer than either of the demonstrators that I test drove. hope you get your phone compatibility sorted.
  3. Sync

    Oh I forgot to add. I understand that there are a lot of problems with compatibility between sync and I phones. Microsoft and Apple do not make happy bedfellows. I'm sure there are many posters on here who can help.
  4. Sync

    Hi spangle, like you I am new to this board having joined yesterday. I have just bought a Focus Zetec 2013 in the last few days. After having a number of problems with sync I returned to the dealership and spoke to the salesman. My first gripe was that I was unable to tune or select radio stations using voice controls as demonstrated on the sales demo car. I also couldn't receive text messages. The salesman told me that the latest version of sync had lost a number of voice controlled functions for example Radio, SatNav / climate control if applicable. He also said that a lot of smart phones were not compatible for the text function. My samsung galaxy ace is one of them. You can check the compatibility on the following link http://www.ford.co.uk/experience-ford/Technology/MobileCompatibility I'm guessing that your 2012 model still has many of the voice controls that the 2013 models do not, so it could be worse. Regards John
  5. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    Thanks for the link. So far I haven't been able to find a Ford UK forum re sync. Ford UK certainly don't appear to have made public the reduced voice functionality of the new version of sync. I suspect it may have a negative effect on sales. Is it just me that thinks that Ford are getting meaner. A lot of other manufacturers are including cruise control and parking sensors as standard in the european market. But with Ford you have to either go top of the range or buy an optional package. Sorry for the rant.
  6. Sorry jeebowhite I forgot to add that both versions of the new 1 litre petrol engines in the Fiesta qualify for zero road fund licence. The 100PS version in the Focus is £20 per year.
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your kind wishes and welcomes. To jeebowhite ; I am quite impressed with the performance of the new 1 litre petrol engine in the new Focus. As you probably Know they do 2 versions a 100PS and a 125PS version. I have the 125PS version which is comparable to 1.6 petrol non turbo version. In fact it may be slightly faster. It also comes with the bonus that road fund licence is only £30 per year. I haven't owned a fiesta, well not for about 20 years anyway. My previous car was a 1.6 TDCI Focus. I did however test drive new fiesta at the same time as I test drove the new focus. The fiesta had the 1 litre petrol 100PS version. Seemed a nice car but it didn't seem as lively as the 125PS focus and the focus had more elbow room which I appreciated. Also the dealership was able to do a better deal on the focus. Only disappointment re car so far is the new 'sync' which now doesn't have as many voice controls as the previous version. Although I have only had the car 3 days it doesn't look as if I'm going to achieve anything close to the official economy figures.
  8. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    Thanks for your comments. I don't think that the Radio model or trim make a difference in this instance. When I returned to the dealership and queried the reduced functionality. They told me that the demonstrator, same model, spec etc as mine, only 2 months older, had the old sync version in. The salesman confirmed this. Yet his manager was not aware that the demonstrator was equipped with the old version of sync. He said that he would make sure that the anomaly would be pointed out to prospective buyers. My model doesn't come with satnav or climate control but if it had the salesman said that that as per the radio function the voice control would not be functional on either satnav or climate control. Unless the sales team are telling me a load of old rubbish to fob me off it looks, to me at least, that this new version of sync is not as good as the last one.
  9. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    Hi I've just purchased a new focus zetec with the new 1.0T 125PS ecoboost engine. My gripe with Ford is the latest version of Sync. About 3 weeks prior to taking ownership I drove the demonstrator. The salesman proudly demonstrated the voice commands to control Phone, Media and Radio functions. On receipt of my Focus I spent literally hours trying to tune the radio in via voice control to no avail. I returned to the dealership to enquire what I was doing wrong to be informed that mine was the latest sync system with emergency assist etc but the voice control of the radio was not a current function. Strange how none of the sales staff mentioned that ford had withdrawn that function. Likewise the standard generic handbook still refers to voice control of the radio. I'm quite annoyed that Ford sing from the roof tops about how wonderful their new sync system is but neglect to mention that they have removed some of the old functions.
  10. Hi All. Joined FOC tonight. I have just purchased a new Ford Focus Zetec with the 1.0T 125PS engine. I have owned a number of Fords before. my last one being a 2009 Focus Style 1.6TDCI now being driven by daughter. Looking forward to reading many of the forums on here. Best wishes John.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums mulc :)