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  1. Happy Birthday Pirategirl!

  2. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Thanks Arthur, a few possibilities then. Will have to see what they say when I take it in.
  3. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Hi Arthur, Sounds like a good place to start then! The car is not terribly old, but old enough to start having issues I suppose. I would rather get things checked as and when they happen, rather than run the risk of causing further damage. Payday next week so shall take it in and post the diagnosis! Thank you :D
  4. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Thanks David! Will have a look. Think I may take it to my local 'Selecta Tyre', I have been to the with my last 2 cars and seem on the level so shall start there and see what they say! Amanda ;)
  5. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Hi John, No judder on the pedal that I have noticed, but will check for that next time I am in it. So would that be re balancing or worse? Amanda :(
  6. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Hi Arthur, Is this common on F Focus? If it's just balancing I would be happy with that. Could take it to my local 'selecta tyre' to get that sorted. I suppose it is a good place to start. Thank you for responding to me. Amanda :)
  7. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Hi Jeebowhite, Thanks for your response. Is it expensive? I have found a good garage since my last issue, so could take it there. They are on the trusted traders website, so do trust them. Also, is it detrimental to continue driving it? I only usually drive a mile or so to work, and not noticing it then. Amanda
  8. Juddering Steering Wheel

    Hi guys! I was hoping to come back with pics of mods and something more cheerful! Sadly I seem to have another problem! My car has started juddering when applying the brakes. Mainly when slowing down on motorway or dual carriageway as opposed to city driving. Any ideas of what this could be? It only started happening today and really hope that it is not quite as costly as the 'glow plug' incident. Any thoughts greatly welcomed. Amanda :)
  9. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    Lol, the second garage I went to who suggested that I take it to Ford told me to ask for Pid... when I asked why, he said his name was Stu.... Figures!! :P
  10. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    Thanks for being a star! Really pleased with it now and really pleased that the figure paid was very close to the figure quoted by so many of you on here. I shall be back with any other problems, or possible mods soon! ^_^ I had a little prang in it a couple of months ago. Will get a pic and try to post on here tomorrow and see what you think about the best way to get it sorted. It dismays me every time I look at it If its not going to be loads to sort then I shall have it done for the summer!
  11. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    It was stressful, as I know nothing about cars so have to leave it to the experts. This is exactly why I came onto the forum to get some good, sound advice! Nice to know that you all knew what it was and that I could relay that to the garage. Really pleased with Carwise in Duffield for being so super!! ;)
  12. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    I am sooo relieved! I know what you are saying about losing the faith, but rest assurred I know that there are some really good guys out there. Your info has been invaluable and really appreciated! My car now sounds and feels like a Turbo Diesel Sport!!! :D
  13. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    Car finally sorted!! Whoop! You were all right in the end! Fourth garage took it in today, gave me a courtesy car free of charge, went back to collect this afternoon - GLOW PLUGS! Replaced all 4, £169.00 all in! :D ;) Drives like a brand new car!
  14. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    Previous fault code 001... going to get another diagnostic hopefully early this week!
  15. Red Cog With Red Exclamation Mark......

    I can imagine there would be loads coming out of mine, it wafts past the front of the car when I start it up!