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  1. Good evening, Does anyone know if you can facelift the mk7 Fiesta, by swapping it with a mk7.5 front bumper? Many thanks.
  2. Mountune Induction Kit

    Does it really? I've heard good things on the web, most of that probably sales rubbish though to be fair!
  3. Let's See Your Keys.

    After seeing your post, I just had to be controversial ;) Ps loving the Lego! Hope you enjoyed :)
  4. Fiesta Metal - Decisions?

    I know, as nice as the black is, there aren't many styling mods you can do to make it unique, whereas you can go wild with white. However I do suspect a bias view after seeing you profile picture ;) It's a lovely Focus!
  5. Mountune Induction Kit

    I currently have a Metal which has an uprated exhaust. It will be the first stage towards the MP140 upgrade, but I'm torn between the Mountune and the J1 automotive :(?
  6. PS3 or Xbox?

    Having got a 360, I would actually day the PS3 due to free online play and built in blue ray player.
  7. Mountune Induction Kit

    Thanks Dan, I'm still new to the forum, apologies for posting in the wrong section.
  8. I have had an interesting find, as I am one of those nerds who really cares about sound quality. For all you IPhone users (may also be available on Android) I downloaded an App called EQu. This App costs about £2 and automatically stores all of your music in its own music Player, allowing you to get rid of the horrible Eq presets the IPhone has. The App allows you to completely customise the sound quality and save presets for specific genres. After a lot of fiddling, I found greatly improved sound quality, and richer and deeper sounding based, especially in the higher volume ranges where the Sony headunit struggles. I hope found this post useful, and would like to hear your thoughts? Many thanks,
  9. Football Teams

    I may lose some popularity points but... I am a Liverpool fan. On the plus side, I'm too young to be baffling on about our history :)
  10. Good evening all, I am all for fitting the mountune products as they retain warranty. Has anyone fitted the Mountune induction kit to a petrol 1.6 mk7? If so, did you notice any difference? Many thanks,
  11. Fiesta Metal - Decisions?

    Thanks for the reply Julias. It's such a hard decision, they are both so nice!
  12. Fiesta Metal - Decisions?

    Good evening, Firstly, I own a black Metal which I absolutely love! However, I have been given the opportunity via a family member to swap my car for a white metal of the same spec. What do you guys think I should do? What colour do you feel is nicer on the metal? Your help is appreciated.
  13. Chrome Styling

    Good evening all, I have seen on various models of Ford, a chrome window edging/surround. Does anyone know if this can be retroffitted to a Fiesta metal, as the rubber surrounds seem to have grooves for them to fit? I think they will work well with the already chrome themed metal. Any responses are appreciated.
  14. Fiesta Metal Upgrade

    Good afternoon all, I am looking to upgrade my Fiesta Metal with the MP140 (To keep my manufacturer warranty, as I believe it is invalidated by the MR155). As the Metal currently has the 134 Mountune kit fitted, to take it upto the MP140, will i have to buy the whole kit (which if so I may aswell splash out on the MR155), or can it be achieved through an add on, which will hopefully significantly reduce the cost? Thanks in advance.
  15. Strange Noise? H

    Thanks for the replies guys! As horrible as it sounds, I'm glad other people are having the same problem. The noise didn't sounds to healthy but now I know it's nothing serious I can deal with it. Thanks again!