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  1. Hi every1, I have a Ford Focus 1.6 titanium powershift 2013, it's done 4200 miles. My mpg always showing 20-22mpg. I do a lot of local driving not much motorway, and I'm always doing around 30mph due to constant Traffic and very slow drivers! But it should be at least over 25mpg! I'm putting petrol in nearly every week, I fill the tank about 3/4 full and it practically goes in about a week and 1/2! Is this normal? Can anyone please advise me if this is normal?
  2. Ford Sync Issues Please Help!!

    Soz. About the spelling mistakes. :) :)
  3. Ford Sync Issues Please Help!!

    Hey all. Thanks for all ur replies. You are all right, i left my stereo on phone or radio b4 i switched the engine off and when i turned it back on it didn't start my music player. Thanks again guys. By the way ur right climate control is not there anymore! I thought I'll try and impress a Erie0mind and it didn't work! Any did i feel stupid.
  4. Ford Sync Issues Please Help!!

    Hi there every one. I've just picked up my new focus titanium 2013 1.6 powershift and I've managed to sync my mobile to the stereo (contacts and media) via Bluetooth. Everything's great, making calls and playing music through my mobile, all via Bluetooth, but whenever the stereo syncs with my mobile it automatically starts playing music from my mobiles media. How can I stop this from happening. Sometimes I just want it to connect and stay connected via Bluetooth until I chose when to use it! Please someone tell me how to solve this. Thank you.
  5. Hey guys, Can anyone please help me find an aftermarket dbl din stereo/sat nav, inc the facia, for the new 2013 focus titanium. I've had no luck anywhere. Is there one out there? Or is it too early? Thank you.
  6. Ford Car Mats

    Thank you all for your response. My main dealer is charging £34.99 for a set of 4. I'll probably go with them.
  7. Ford Car Mats

    Hey all. Would anyone know where i could buy tailored car mats for a 2013 ford focus titanium 1.6 powershift, apart from the main dealers! I've tried E-bay but they don't have 2013 yet. Thanks
  8. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    Hey Foca, Thank you. That all sounds logically right. thank you again for responding :D
  9. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    Hi all, I've ordered a new ford focus Titanium (125)ps 1.6 Powershift. It's a great car except the option packs for the 1.6 powershift are not available! eg: DRIVER ASSISTANCE PACK, & CONVENIENCE PACK!!! the 2 best pack's . And of course all new focus's come with the newly improved ELECTRIC POWER ASSISTED STEERING, BUT NOT THE 1.6 POWERSHIFT!!!!!! There are two 2.0 diesel powershifts and you can have any of the packs and the elec steering, <_< but why not on that 1.6 powershift. I'm afraid the sales people weren't technical enough to know why. If anyone knows why pls tell/explain Thanks all
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Angelo Powershift :)