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  1. Advisory Notice In Mot

    Its not a big job really. As for those saying 'must have 12 months ticket' - You are very trusting, i have bought cars that came with a fresh MOT but were clearly failures.
  2. PS3 or Xbox?

    I was being controversial! I rode the console wave from Master system through to PS1/N64 and then have used a PC since. Anyone who claims a pad is superior to a keyboard and mouse is a neanderthal!
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    Neither. PC all the way.
  4. South East Member Location And Possible Meets 2013

    I dont think anyone got how the list works, fixed it , and thread revived!
  5. Whats wrong with your power steering - is it a street Ka? Is it noisy? Does it feel like you reach a point of sudden resistance when turning lock to lock? Dagenham have been good with my parents who bought a new Ka there. I would completely recommend Simon at Halfway Garage on the Gravesend road where the car dealership is (about half way from Higham to Gravesend funnily enough) If theres anything i cant do i will take it to simon, he will always try and fit you in even if he is busy, my family have used him for years and years. A bit closer to you is CE autos over by the Harrow pub near Bredhurst - Carl there has done a few bits for me in the past (including swapping some bits on a steering rack) and i cant argue with prices, also his uncle Mick owns the bodyshop opposite and he has done some spraying for me. MOT's i get done at the place at the bottom of cooling road in Strood, nice and quick and honest as they dont do repairs.
  6. Why Ford?

    My family have always had fords or vauxhalls but for some reason the Ford bug got me, I had one as my first and have not owned another brand car. I learned in a 1.6 escort ghia, got a Ka, then a focus, then a Ka, and since that second Ka i have collected two more and a fiesta!
  7. I personally dont mind the seller showing reciepts etc as proof of service, you can usually tell if they are knowledgable quite quickly but thats more for normal cars or ones you dont mind getting stuck into working on. If i was buying a 2 year old M3 then id probably look for dealer service.
  8. Newbie Alert!

    Hi all
  9. All sportkas and streetkas have had the same engine from release to discontinuation. But yes they have an aux belt still.
  10. Front Spotlights - 2004 Ka Sport

    The panel that hides the fuse box tells you what each fuse is for on the back (im pretty sure)
  11. I think if Ford are aware of the problem and its affecting new cars then you shouldnt be paying a penny to have it fixed. The car you bought is not fit for purpose.
  12. Help Please... Changing Radiator Poss. Fan Assembly

    I dont have a guide, but its not too hard. Take off the front bumper: - 3 screws under bonnet - one screw bottom bumper each wing - bottom 'rim' some have braces holding it , again normal screws. - clips around wheelarches (they break easily) Once the bumpers off, you can acess the radiator area easily - the rad itself can lower down on the cradle it sits on, which is held up by a few bolts. Im guessing the AC is empty?
  13. This Might Sound Stupid But.....

    Youre paying a small amount of money on a 'dubious' product that just delays the fact your engine is going to be toast soon. Get the headgasket done properly IMO
  14. Help!

    Sorry i couldnt get here sooner but ive only signed up today. I know someone who is selling 3 sportka wheels, and i also myself have a 'halfords special' set that came on a car i bought that i ve had trouble selling for nearly half what you payed new. (mine have mint TOYO Proxes on them and very light scuffs/marks) Shame i couldnt save the day!
  15. Silly Driving - What Would You Do?

    Im local to this, i went past the aftermath yesterday even. This is the usual story of the minority ruining it for the majority. The bloke who crashed the mondeo - '****' - Thats all you can say. He has even been kicked out of car clubs before because of his behaviour. I think its interesting that he isnt a young driver (<25) Quoted figures by people at the scene and the supposed bragging of the driver were 110mph+ Personally i have seen the come and go of a few 'cruise' scenes in Medway, like Laker road, (speed bumps stopped this) Lockmeadow, etc and i think this one will just go the same way. Its gonna die out or be forced. Regarding the trackdays - Lydden hill has open trackdays ALL the time. Brands has all sorts of days on (lots of ford orientated trackdays but not as cheap as lydden). I dont see it as as solution though, most of the people meet up to socialise and look at cars. In the short term i think Kent police would be doing themselves a favour if every weekend they had a PCSO/PC team of two who attended and got to know everyone and took a zero tolerance policy on racing/drifting. Instantly reporting/photographing the cars in question. (i have had my photo taken by them before with a warning of my car being crushed so it can be done) Much like the riot police at football matches video the crowds to and from the ground loking for troublemakers. Once my car is back on the road i will be going down there more often but ill stick to being parked up chatting.