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  1. Many thanks for the replies. Disabling the EGR valve sounds like heaven after the money its cost me.... Where would I get one? Thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for the replies its rare for a valve unit to be replaced as a good clean is usually all they need, check the intercooler pipe below for any splits as this can effect the egr valve and produce black smoke, what code are you getting is it P0401 lack of air flow ? I'm not sure what the error code was but will ask the guy who did it. When He took the valve off he said it was stuck slightly open and was covered in a thick black shooty/tar but he said this was caused by it not working properly. How does the braking plate work and does it effect performance? I'm really a complete novice with engines.
  3. Hi all I have a 2007 (On a 06 plate tho) 2.2lt TDCi mondeo estate with a duratek engine, I've owned the car for just over 2 years and am about to replace the EGR valve for the second time. I have been told that this is a common fault and these valves only seem to last 18 months to 2 years at a time..... Its been code read and the only error is this valve and last time we changed it, the car ran like a dream until recently when it started refusing to start and then chucking huge clouds of smoke out when it eventually did or losing all power when driving, especially when pulling away. Had the valve cleaned out a number of times to keep it running for as long as possible as the new valve is not cheap but finally had enough and am having it changed again!! Is there really a common fault with this year and EGR valves or could there be a problem else where in the engine causing this valve to brakedown and is there anything that can be done to stop it happening?? Thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums SimonH29 :)