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  1. managed to sort it all out but O/S was a little bit harder as you have to alter the motor (level) mounting point
  2. I pal is there any chance you could share this photo please? i have purchased a ford projector headlights for my 2005 ghia
  3. I own a mk2 ford focus RS, i have the power fold button inside my car but doesnt fold when pressing the lock button on the remote got any links on where i can purchase this software/ code
  4. see on youtube you can activate power fold mirrors on the ford focus RS via elm but done see any option...
  5. the washer bottle is a common problem, people would stick a hose in and try and rinse most of it out then they stick a Milton tablet (sterilising tablet) in
  6. ordered a new module a wire up and worked straight away... i backed up all settings then activated disable passenger air bag
  7. just double checking.. it this switch ok? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pre-wired-DPDT-ON-OFF-ON-Toggle-switch-miniature-/281102393998?pt=UK_Trains_Railway_Models&hash=item417302228e
  8. does any one here have heated seats for their focus mk2 focus that is dont think the mk2.5 use this system are they to look under their seat to see if they have this part under here? i need to pin point what elements there for you see so i can order them from ford. as you cannot return electrical items
  9. would anyone know why a 2010 focus heated seat element for leather is £74 compared to the partial leather is £146
  10. also been made aware that facelift ford focus has a module to operate the elements and pre facelift didnt. it raises a few questions is the elements differ from the versions of the focus and giving them different part numbers
  11. comparing the the pads it really shouldnt be a issue the back part will be spot on. Will be going to SF car trim in Colchester to have them professionally fitted
  12. update again... just plugged them into a 07 plate st and they worked straight away.... the gem must control it somehow as the loom is identical
  13. in a way yes but glad to find out it does work but the issue is the elements that work on my car I dont think they will fit into my seat