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  1. Greetings all! Been some time since I posted on here, having parted with my ST in 2016. Lots has changed since then and I'm currently living in Matlock, Derbyshire with my fiancèe. Car wise, I have a 2017 Skoda Octavia estate 1.4 TSI DSG in SEL spec. Lovely car with a silky smooth auto box and shed loads of room. I reckon the Fiesta would fit in the boot 😂😂 I was reflecting on the Fiesta ST recently (which was stock) and how it is the fastest car I've owned. Always been put off faster cars due to running costs but maybe one day I'll buy something really fast. Anyway, I recently got a superchips remap for my Octavia which has taken it close to the Fiesta's power figure but has more torque than the Fiesta. The gains are noticeable but in a progressive way rather than one big lump of torque and then nothing at the top end. I'd love to find a local member with a stock 2013-2017 ST and somewhere deserted to see how they compare for pace without being daft and exceeding 60 or 70. Just to see how the in gear pace compares. It has certainly turned my car into a bit of a sleeper being as it has no sporting pretensions at all. These are the figures from Parkers and the stated figures from superchips. Fiesta Weight: 1,088kg Power: 179bhp - 200bhp overboost if I recall correctly Torque: 240nm 0-60: 6.7 Top speed: 139mph Octavia Weight: 1,217kg Power: 147bhp Torque: 250nm 0-60: 8.0 Top speed: 134mph Superchips remap: 183bhp and 316nm Torque On another note, the best investment I made with the Skoda was a full set of Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 tyres. We are at almost 800ft elevation at the top of a hill and have seen some good snowfall last winter and this winter. Great performance in the snow and yet I can use them all year round. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the remap and hope everyone is keeping well. Cheers and Happy Christmas
  2. Never been into Hellboy but he’s not part of the MCU anyway. The key focus of Endgame is the original Avengers team from 2012.
  3. it’ll have more impact if you are up to speed on the MCU films. If not, I can advise on the most crucial ones to see before you go and see it.
  4. I’ve seen it twice now and won’t post any spoilers but I will say I was blown away by it. I have the entire collection so far and have watched several of them more than once at the cinema. I have read accompanying books and I have a replica Mjolnir and Caps Shield at home. So to say I am invested in this is an understatement and I was very nervous going in. This saga is more than just a set of movies to me. I was 24 when it all started and since then my career has changed course after I started and finished a part time degree, I’ve started a new relationship and sadly lost my dad to cancer. The last movie he got to see was Doctor Strange and he loved the MCU. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a masterpiece. A colleague who avidly collects old Marvel comics and knows everything was also blown away by it. It’s so epic and emotional at times that I’m not ashamed to say a tear rolled down my cheek. I was punching the air as well at times too. Simply fantastic. #ThankyouAvengers.
  5. To say I am hyped for this film is an understatement. When tickets went on sale the other day, I planned on booking at our local Odeon which is a luxe cinema with reclining leather seats. Their website couldn’t cope so I booked the nice leather chairs at the Showcase deluxe instead. 3D XPS screen. Me and my mate have seen every MCU film at the cinema and I’m totally invested in this rather than thinking of it as just a movie. 3 glorious hours to look forward to. The official trailers will have seen by most but take a look at this home made one. This guy makes awesome trailers. #Partofthejourneyistheend #Whateverittakes
  6. I have to admit my mistake here, albeit an easy one to make that we’ve all done at some point I’m sure. I was looking right at a car out of shot which was approaching and left it late to indicate left. I did look ahead to check all was ok and observed the Mercedes clear the roundabout and that all was well or so I thought. Lesson learned about expecting the unexpected or in this case an absolute cockwomble on a bike.
  7. It may not show as well on the camera but to drive in it was truly awful. Dark country lanes in the Peak District and my girlfriend lives up there and says it is worse fog than even she is used to.
  8. This bellend in a pick up truck decided to overtake us in ridiculous fog just outside Castleton, top side of Winnats Pass.
  9. Why are they wanting to charge? Is it outside of the original Ford warranty from new? I'd be asking what makes them think it's your fault being as they haven't even looked at it in full detail yet.
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