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  1. Winter Tyres Test In Snow

  2. Avengers Infinity War trailer

    A decade since Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is what awaits in April. I might just have to attend the premiere again
  3. Ridiculous late exit on A38

    Had to zoom in to get this. Light blue car 4 in front of me and the picture at the end shows where it exited!
  4. Spam user MAALI223

    Guys, I wasn’t sure where to raise this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has received a private message. A private message landed from a member called MAALI223 asking for me to review a code scanner for cars and that it would be sent for me to review. The message said to email them at some ridiculous email address and to provide a link to the forum page. Cheers
  5. Help!!! roof issue insurance claim

    Hi. At this stage, we do not know what the outcome will be of course so its the waiting game but good thinking re getting an independent report although I can't advise on who would specialise in such repairs. Ultimately, if the garage broke the roof during the repair, the insurance company is still liable in my opinion (though my memory is hazy on agency agreements) because all those additional companies are agents for the insurance company. If needs be, I'll try to find my notes on the subject but for now we will see what happens.
  6. Van Wars!

    The rear camera is a Nextbase 101 which is cheap and not the best picture quality but I don't mind for the back. The front camera is a Thinkware F770 which is great and has wifi and an app etc.
  7. Van Wars!

    With nobody behind me at the lights, I did some lurking because I thought some serious road rage was on hand for a minute. The guy in the white van was leaning out of the window at one point.
  8. Cyclist runs red light

    This berk gave the red light a miss so I sounded my horn which fell on deaf ears as he ploughed on with no awareness!
  9. Tailgating van

    It's a Nextbase 101 which is really basic to be honest and the picture quality isn't fantastic when not at close range but as its the back window, I don't mind. I shell out more for the front facing camera.
  10. Tailgating van

    I indicated and pulled out and did not realise just how fast this guy was suddenly bearing down on me. He then decided to tailgate me! Yes I could have moved back to the inside lane but he would have just tailgated the next person and there were several HGV's down the inside lane so it seemed pointless moving back in between each one. I didn't brake check him like some people do, I just cruised along before very steadily moving out of his way.
  11. Thinkware time lapse sample

    Quick sample footage. The motion detection was far too sensitive even on lowest setting so opted for this in parking mode which uses less space on the card and less power. That being said, as it does not record sound, I'd be tempted to change it back to motion detection if I know I am parking in areas where there has been vehicle crime recently for example. Piece of cake to change with the app
  12. Drink driver?

    As per video description, I was on the phone to the police while this unfolded (hands free), hence it is muted. Hope they found her...