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  1. Zetec S Rear Washer

    Can I ask how much it cost and where you bought it from? Was it easy to fit? I have a titanium x on order and would like a large rear spoiler in the future... Thanks
  2. New 2013 Titanium X

    +1 to panther black!
  3. Zetec S Ecoboost 125 Drl

    Do the titanium LEDs turn off at night or dim? Are they used as side lights?
  4. New Fiesta Ordered

    I'm very jealous! Out of curiosity, when reversing is there any visual aid to go with the parking sensors? (Other than the camera!)
  5. New Fiesta Ordered

    I'm sure I read on here somewhere something about there also being a visual aid with the parking sensors, does anyone know anything about this? I'm also surprised the assistance pack doesn't include front sensors to, that would have been nice :)
  6. New Fiesta Ordered

    That's what I thought, I'm sure it said in order to have the rear view camera you need the Sony audio system which is standard on the titanium, hmmm. Might give them a call tomorrow, although not sure now. Parking sensors or rear view camera??
  7. New Fiesta Ordered

    Did you also go for the navigation extra? I was told when I ordered my titanium x that in order to have the rear view camera you must have the sony navigation system option which is £400 so I went for the parking sensors instead.
  8. H15 Uprade Bulbs

    If you have a Titanium/Titanium X with LED DRL's, is he high beam still H15? I'd be interested in having white high beams.
  9. Oh dear, doesn't sound like your having a good time with it, I've ordered the tyre deflation detection system on mine, got me worried now! I'm not sure what you can do legally but I hope you have some luck and get it sorted soon, keep us posted
  10. Ambient Lighting Colour

    I think I would like to change the colour of the ambient lighting to, red does seem an odd choice like you said as the dials are white and blue. If either of you has any joy please keep this tread updated! Thanks!
  11. Changing Bulbs

    Haha, I can't complain to much about the corsa, it's done it's job. Although seriously can't wait for the fiesta
  12. Changing Bulbs

    Hello, I've recently ordered a 5dr Titanium X 125 in panther black and I can't wait to take delivery! (Only downside is that's in September!!) I've never had a fiesta before, my current car is a 5dr corsa SXi and changing the headlights in them is almost impossible with normal sized hands, and you need to drop the front bumper to get to the headlights, I was wondering how accessible are the bulbs in the mk7.5 fiesta? Thanks!
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums SgtHobNob :)