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  1. Air Con Compressor

    believe this issue is likely to be a compressor clutch noise which will be checked when funding allows!
  2. Had a diagnostic check carried out on my car today and one of the faults that came up was for 'suspension trailing arm bushes debonding'. Not reported as major but was quoted as in excess of £250! Is this price correct for a dealer repair or can it be done for a cheaper price or as with my camshaft problem is this a dealer only repair? Any thoughts and iseas would be appreciate. Thanks
  3. P000A Fault Code

    Further diagnostic check done today and there is work to be done to the camshaft, sensors etc etc over £500. For the air conditioning noise nothing came up on the diagnostic and they tried to seel me a re-gas of the system. I advised this was done over 6 months ago and there was no problem with the temperature of the air con but they thought it may be leaking somewhere or possibly the compressor clutch which has already been mentioned. Will be getting the inlet camshaft problem sorted first.
  4. P000A Fault Code

    had the solenoids changed as well as the camshaft sensors which made the car drive a little better but will be getting a quote on monday for the camshaft to be replaced (Intake). Will report back.
  5. P000A Fault Code

    Have you had/ are you getting any repairs to your car at the moment? Thanks for the video, helps clear a few pointers for me, now to get the cam replaced I think.
  6. P000A Fault Code

    When you had this repairs did you get both cams replaced or was it just the intake cam (p000a)? thanks
  7. P000A Fault Code

    thanks, I will make a call to the local dealer to get a price to change the camshaft and take a gulp and hope it will be about £500 or so..All being well that will cure the engine woes for now and I will get to enjoy driving the car more :-)
  8. New 2013 Titanium X

    How is going with the fiesta? I am thinking of trading in my old focus and was thinking of the ecoboost 1.0 125. Most of my driving is local roads but the occasional blast on the m/way so hope it is good for that and keep up with lesser mortals! would appreciate your thoughts.
  9. P000A Fault Code

    I was not aware of that, how quickly would it be to go to limp mode as the car has been not running smoothly for a few months now. Hope it does not happen suddenly and there are early warnings that is in need of repair, other than the diesel sounding engine at tickover as I need the car every day for work.
  10. P000A Fault Code

    will get it regassed soon after I have had the other spring coil replaced then start saving for the cam issues later on..thanks again for the tips.
  11. Focus Front Suspension, Broken Coil

    Thanks for the further updates, the other spring will be replaced after I get paid next week so I will have a pair of new coils on the front axle.
  12. P000A Fault Code

    Thanks for the advice again, the fault code is back again :-( will start saving for the more expensive repair and what you have advised is what the mechanic said. With the sensors changed the car does drive better but still with the air con noise and sounding like a diesel at tick over and a rattling noise at start up. Ho hum.
  13. Focus Front Suspension, Broken Coil

    Spoke to the mechanic and was advised thay only one needed replacing and it would not affect the cars set up. Was repaired yesterday and car drives ok for now. Thanks for the advice will report back after I have driven it some more..
  14. Focus Front Suspension, Broken Coil

    Thanks for the info.
  15. Focus Front Suspension, Broken Coil

    Thanks for the tip, heard the coils should be about £20- £40 each + fitting, which I guess will be a couple of hours labour?