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  1. New Battery - improvements!

    A few weeks ago, I fitted a new battery in my Focus. I had noticed that it was turning over slowly in the mornings, and the lights were dimming and wipers slowing slightly. Since then I have seen a few unexpected improvements. Firstly, the lights appear brighter. The starter spins quickly and the car always fires first time. My tickover seems smoother. When I switched the front screen heater on in the past, it made the lights dim, and turning them off made the stereo screen go black for a second. Since the new battery was fitted, the front screen heater has no effect on the lights or stereo. The stereo also seems to hang less. I'm happy!
  2. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    I get exactly the same thing and also use the 17's at 33psi. Let us know how you get on!
  3. squeaky front springs

    I get this as well, it does it every winter when the temperatures drop. Oddly I had a Vectra before that did the same thing, again only when it was cold. I just put up with it, once i'm out of the car park there are no more speed humps!
  4. Would my Focus pass the MOT with the back seat down?

    Surprisingly, if there is a child seat fitted on a rear seatbelt, they don't check that belt. I can see why, but just find it odd that the most important belt in the car is not checked for safety.
  5. Thumping noise from tyres

    I had this same issue on a Focus. Thought I had a rear wheel bearing going, but jacked it up and no sign of wear, so swapped back wheels to front. The sound moved with it and became a rhythmic thud, at slow speeds on smooth roads it felt like distinct bumps in the road. The tyres were on 4mm, but had been on the car for 4 years and 50k miles (really), so I bought a new pair and it's fine now. The tyre fitter said it's caused by the way the rear suspension works and wears the tyres unevenly.
  6. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    Well it's all re-gassed and working fine now, thanks for the advice on this thread, I hope it helps a few others too!
  7. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    Thanks for that info RB2004, you are dead right in what you say, I had my timing belt changed last year. Someone needs to add this to the common problems list as a sticky, or a lot of owners could be out of pocket!
  8. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    Well, the pipe was the EXACT same one that RAIDER32 pictured, it also split where the metal and rubber meet. I looked for ages on ebay for a used one, but didnt see a single one, so hunted around online and found a brand new one on a german website. (looked english, but based in Berlin) It cost £47 delivered, arrived in 4 days by UPS and I fitted it in 20 minutes. Yet to have it regassed though, but will let you know how I get on!
  9. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    It seems odd, cos the pipe burst at the same time as he opened the tap nearest to the bulkhead. I think its all a bit fishy, but can't prove anything. I'd change it myself if it was possible, I'll tackle most jobs myself, but air con is a different matter. I may take it to my usual Local garage, trust me to try to get it done cheap!
  10. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    One near the front. Black. Not sure how to identify it really.
  11. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    With the recent warmer weather, and lack of cold air from my air con, I took the car to be regassed. £35 and 20 minutes apparently. However, after the pipes had been connected to the car and the new gas started to go into the system, there was a large bang. The mechanic peered under the bonnet and found a split hose, which is apparently going to cost £295 to replace. Looks like its going to be a warm summer for me! Anyone had this happen to them?
  12. Strange Noise When Cornering

    This sound continued, and got worse. It was the ESP cutting in, as was suggested. I changed the Continental tyres at 2mm, and bought some Davanti tyres (I know, I hadn't heard of them either), and the issue went away completely. Obviously it is a very sensitive system, and doesn't like low tyre tread. I do like the new tyres though, very quiet and grippy in the wet and dry, haven't upset them yet!
  13. I Want To Drive Again!!!

    I haven't driven for 9 weeks, and am getting seriously bored! I broke my collar bone in September wrestling a lion (actually I fell off a pavement-sober!) The bone was poking up into the skin, so after an operation, a titanium plate and some hefty physio sessions, I'm still not ready to get behind the wheel. Anyone else been out of action for this long for a similiar thing? By the way, I drive for a living, so have had 9 weeks off - (paid thankfully!) I want to drive again!!!!
  14. Help!! Has My Head Gasket Gone?

    Could it just be that a hose (the one thats spurting water) burst under pressure, and let all the water out in the form of steam. (I had a Nissan 200 do that to me once) Then steam would come out from under the bonnet (it shouldnt with HGF) and there would be a lot of steam in the mirror coming out from under the car. How are we sure it was coming from the exhaust? Did you stop to look? The problem is that the car was then driven with no water in it, which may have done further damage. Or perhaps I know nothing, in which case I shall retire back to my cave.....
  15. Strange Noise When Cornering

    Tyre pressures are fine. The ESP light on the dash isn't flashing, I know what it looks like as the one in my Transit spends a lot of time flashing when it is being driven briskly! Also I never hear it working in the Transit, just feel it. Front brakes on the Focus are under 12 months old, and tyres have around 4k on them. Im not that worried, everything seems to be working fine, it just sounds a bit odd.