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  1. fiesta misfiring any solutions

    hey, thanks for the prompt reply. both the mechanic in question and a friend of mine(who works in an mot centre) have tried a new coil pack and its still had the same results - spluttering and a degree of misfiring, although it wasn't as bad as when the problem first occured. They suggest that it may be either the ecu??? or the valve?
  2. hi, ive a ford fiesta zetec 2001 1.25 engine and the engine mgt light has been on and flashing at regular intervals since last week. i brought the car to a mechanic who put it on a diagnostics machine which read cylinder 4 was misfiring. he changed the leads and plugs at a cost of 70.00 - he reset the light and said if it comes back on to give it about 100 miles before coming back to him. i got 2 minutes down the road before the light came back on. there is a bit more power in the car than before but the exhaust is still spluttering and ive been told this is how you konw its misfiring. The mechanic also mentioned that it could be the valve and in 60% of cases regular dring will sort the valve out. Im lost in this world of mechanics and dont know what to do. is this guy chancing his arm or have i just to be patient and see if the problem rectifies itself. in the meantime ive a car spluttering still and a pocket 70 quid lighter. anyone please help? :( My e-mail address is kibomac@hotmail.co.uk thanks again.