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  1. Usb Memory Stick Invalid Format

    Update: I have brought a SANDISK 16GB CRUZER FIT USB MEMORY STICK DRIVE PEN from ebay and just tried this and works fine Happy days :)
  2. Usb Memory Stick Invalid Format

    Hi, When i did the update i had to reconnect my phone again via bluetooth so that sounds normal it also stated no files when i plugged the usb in until i turned the ingition key to the second notch , i tried to do the update again recently and followed the same process as shown on youtube and the dispay said system software already up to date as you have not received this i would suggest following as btmaldon says and try again. I would also format the usb again extract files directly to usb and follow intructions to update and leave for min 1hr if you have a usb that flashes when accessed then use that one you will see it start stop once complete you should have a lenghtly time without it flashing. Hope this helps
  3. Usb Memory Stick Invalid Format

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 2010 fiesta and have had the exactly the same issue, I bought a 32gb integral usb flash drive loaded all mp3 about 24gb and got the invaild file format message, I then tried a mini pny 8gb usb bought a few months ago tried about 3 gb of mp3 same issue. I then tried one of my very old pny memorysticks 4gb which i have had for years and this worked fine no issues same amount of files however as its a bigger memory stick I tend to catch it when putting the handbrake on also this memory stick has a access light flashing. I also have another memorystick exactly the same as my old 4gb pny but it is 8gb tried this today and this is fine also. My only conclusion is the newer memorysticks the ones which are very small must have some sort of software that the software in the ford fiestas are not able to process.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Tom M81 :)