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  1. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Finally found the cause of the whistling noise. The hose on the inlet side of the inter-cooler was pantsed. New hose, new clip. No whistle and boost issue resolved. I didn't realise how much power I was missing until afterwards. It drives like a new car.
  2. IMO, buying off Ebay is asking for trouble unless it's quite cheap and you are prepared to sort through any problems! Best to see any car in person, give it a detailed looking over physically, mechanically and a good drive, at least 30 minutes and boot it on the motorway. If your not mechanically minded, pay someone to check it over. My thoughts on the car you provided are: It's a black Mondeo, Ghia estate
  3. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    What's the best way to remove the C clip on the Actuator arm?
  4. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    I believe I've done the best visual and audio inspection I can on the turbo pipe system. Haven't been able to find any obvious leaks. New hose clips have gone onto the EGR/Intake hose, more due to the fact that the original hose clips were almost threaded. I cleaned the MAF sensor with a cotton tip and carb cleaner. The central wire was clean with only the two horizontal wires having any visible carbon build up. Did manage to find a small hose leading to from somewhere to the air intake on the other side of the MAF that was loose. The clip has simply come undone. Does anyone know what this pipe is for? I've also been reading up about the turbo actuator arm on variable vane turbo's, which I believe I have. From what I understand, the arm should activate and move upon starting the engine. I removed the turbo heat shield and wasn't able to see any movement on the arm at all. The vacuum hose did have a small slit where it was attached to the diaphragm, which I cleaned up by taking a 5mm off the hose. Confirmed that there is suction from the hose when engine running, but still no action on the actuator arm. I was considering trying to remove the small C clip that attaches to the arm and check the movement range but it was getting dark and to be honest I'm not sure how to remove it without it pinging off into the engine bay somewhere! Should I be expecting to see movement on a vacuum operated arm, or have I got my "hoses crossed"!? Pic below of the area I am talking about. The more I get into this motor, the more useless this Haynes manual becomes! So far the only assistance it has given is for torque setting............
  5. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Foca, That makes sense about the boost not sucking in then! There is no "whistle" until about 1600RPM and it continues while I accelerate. I can't hear anything upon changing gears, the whistle stops if not under acceleration. Sounds like it will be tough to get to all the hoses without a jack and stands. I'll start hunting for a high curb to park up on so I can get to the hoses under the intercooler. Plan of attack sounds like checking a leak on boost side hoses and maybe new hose clips! Sorry for this thread turning into such a monster! Thanks.
  6. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Can I check for inlet/turbo leaks by spraying propellant (Carb cleaner!?) in different areas and listening for engine idle increase? Or am I stuck to listening for a whisle or visible leak only?
  7. Help My Ford Keeps Juddering!!!

    Mine was doing the exact same time 2 weeks ago. New fuel filter, cleaned/blanked EGR and cleaned inlet manifold and new hose from Intercooler to EGR been done and the juddering has gone. I didn't isolate these repairs so can't tell you which one did it! Start with EGR and checking the hose as it's the cheapest/easiest fix! Good luck Edit: Cleaned Manifold*
  8. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Cheers Foca. I reset the ECU as the battery was disconnected while I removed the parts. Do you have any pictures of the locations of other turbo hoses? I'm not seeing anything useful in my Haynes manual and a quick google has given me mixed results.
  9. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Well, cleaned out the EGR and Inlet Manifold. Blanked the EGR at the same time (Not electronic EGR so no EML light!). No noticeable gain in power, not that I was expecting. But the smoke issues have all but gone. Well happy. I also replaced the Intercooler-EGR hose with a silicone hose. I was hoping this would remove the whistling sound I hear when the car is boosting, but alas. My friend tells me that a bit of a whistle on turbo's is quite normal and not to worry about it. I'm still unsure. I'll try get a video/sound recording of it to get others opinions.
  10. Brakes!

    Cheers for the tips gents! Not much chance of me being able to do these on the street in North London. I was more after a decent ballpark figure to see if I was being taken for a ride.
  11. Heated Windscreen 2007 Tdci ??

    The built in de-misters on my '03 take about 1-2 mins MAX.
  12. Brakes!

    OK. I got confused with the quote. It is £600ish for parts and labour for the above. I like to think I am quite handy with most work, but I like to leave brakes to professionals. It's probably the only thing I wont do, that and I don't have the correct tools over here.
  13. Brakes!

    It is including labour yeah.
  14. Brakes!

    Just been quoted ~£800 for the following: 4 x new discs, pads. 2 x rear brake lines and flushing. 2 x new rear calipers (Existing ones have seized.) Does this sound like a reasonable price?
  15. Which Engine Is In My Mk3?!

    Also, will this substitute for for Ford supplied rubber Intercooler-EGR hose? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-EGR-TO-INTERCOOLER-HOSE-TDCi-MK3-SILICONE-TURBO-BOOST-PIPE-1222831-/300834160523?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3AMondeo&hash=item460b1cff8b