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  1. Ridiculous Mpg!!

    no modifications apart from 17' alloys..right now petrol is at £1.38 per litre round where i live..ive got my tyres pumped to 36 psi. low profile tyres..car seems to run fine..gets up to temp within reasonable time..no hesitation on acceleration..drive is smooth..its just the petrol!!.lol
  2. Ridiculous Mpg!!

    ill give that a go as soon as..any other suggestions on what it could be??
  3. Hi there peeps..new member here...im a proud owner of a 1999 ford focus zetec 1.8 with 74 on the clock..owned it for about 3 months now..love it to bits..apart from the shocking mpg!!..on the weekend i put in 25 quids worth of petrol...and the focus gave me pretty much 65 miles before the petrol light came on which is atrocious!..i know these cars are not known for their great mpg..but this is becoming very taxing on my wallet..things ive done to try fix it is a regular service including fuel filter change.. tyres pumped to optimum level..changing gear before 3000 rpm.. my next option was to buy a code reader and see if that pulls anything up as i dont have any error lights on the dashboard theres also the option of getting a new 02 sensor..but they are abit pricey and prefer to use that as a last option please please please help what else could it be?? much appreciated thanks!! :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums flamezmack :)