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  1. Air Conditioning Gas

    Ok thank you all :) Big help
  2. Air Conditioning Gas

    Yeah i did, that's what i was told to do
  3. Air Conditioning Gas

    Ok brill i know for a fact it hasn't been regassed in at least 2 years as i've had it for that long so wasn't sure but if that sounds ok then great it will save me some money. Thanks for your help
  4. Air Conditioning Gas

    I used a digital thermometer which had a little prong on the end, i put the prong in the vent and got the temp :)
  5. Air Conditioning Gas

    Ok thank you :)
  6. Air Conditioning Gas

    Hi, i tested my air conditioning earlier using a thermometer and it came down to 8.3c but that was as far as it would go. Just wondering how cold should it be and would a re-gas bring it down any more? If so how much gas would it need as there is no sticker underneath my bonnet! Thanks in advance :)
  7. Head Unit Upgrade

    Don't worry Neil, found a 6cd unit earlier at a reasonable price so got that one. Thanks for all your help Kind regards Dan
  8. Head Unit Upgrade

    Great, thank you :)
  9. Head Unit Upgrade

    Yeah that's probably the best idea, £280 is a lot of money for what it is! I'm almost certainly going to buy one of the sony units that will fit my shape focus, but want to fit the aux port as i have a huge amount of music on my phone. Had the glovebox out before and sadly i don't already have the wiring. What bits would i need to do the job properly? I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the car, everything has to be done properly. Regards.
  10. Head Unit Upgrade

    Really liking the sound of this. Clive, just looked at your guide and it seems like a fairly simple job. Great news that all the wiring is the same, the only issue is that i have a ghia model so i have the walnut dash. Is it possible to get one for the facelift model? Also, i've heard it's a big job upgrading the aerial. If i keep the existing aerial, would i be able to pick up fm stations or will the stereo only work with dab? Neil, how much are you after for the radio please? If the stereo will work on fm aswell, i may take it off your hands at the right price. Thanks again to both of you, wish i'd joined this forum a long time ago! Everyone is so helpful :)
  11. Head Unit Upgrade

    Ah yes, i see. Thanks Clive, very helpful indeed :)
  12. Head Unit Upgrade

    Hi all, i would like to upgrade my head unit to one of the factory fit sony cd players. Any idea if one from a mondeo would fit? I'm guessing not, reason for asking is they seem to be more common. Does anyone know where i can get a good working one? Besides ebay. Regards.
  13. Suspension Bushes

    Ok that's brilliant, pretty much covered everything there :) Thanks for your help.
  14. Suspension Bushes

    Hi all, had a knocking noise on the back of my focus for a while now and decided to get it looked at this morning. put the car up on the ramps and been told i need new anti roll bar bushes, suspension bushes and dog bone bushes! What i would like to know is if i leave it any longer will it do any more damage to anything else? Haven't got any prices yet but it sounds like it will be very expensive. Also they have said the sub frame has to be removed in order to do the job, don't know if it would be any cheaper at a main dealer because i know they sometimes have special tools so they won't have to remove the sub frame? hope to get a reply soon, many thanks.
  15. Display Above Mileage Readout

    Oh right brilliant, don't think i will even attempt it in that case haha. Thanks for replying. Instant fuel readout does sound good though will have to look into it. Thanks again.