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  1. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    Thanks for your reply. Are they easy to replace? Anyone have step by step instructions perhaps? Cheers.
  2. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    anyone else? thanks for all your replies so far.
  3. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    Thanks for your replies! On this occasion I can't blame the wife, it's all me lol. Was it easy to replace and how much did it cost of you don't mind me asking? If possible, will you give me a few instructions if I decide to replace? I feel even more gutted about it bcos i only brought the car in March this year. Thanks.
  4. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    any ideas on how to replace the valance?
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim

    Hi, Thanks for you reply. The following part: 647K11 looks like the right part, but there are so many variations? I have just taken a couple of pics to show you the actual part i am referring to, and a picture of the quick fix i have done so far. The first two pics show the area where the clips has broken off which has made the part loose and the third pic is my botch attempt to resolve the issue, which is push the remaining plastic clip through the thread / hole and then insert a nail through the plastic clip to stop it unclipping and popping back out, spent 6k on this car, but i know if i take it to ford they will charge me an arm and leg to fix something which seems simple. any thoughts? thanks
  6. Hi all, As described in the title the "Front Driver Seat Lower Plastic Trim" on my 59 Plate Focus has come off. Its the plastic trim towards the front / bottom of the driver seat (its a long plastic trim that sits behind the height adjustment lever). The front end of it has come off i.e part of the plastic clip which holds it in has snapped off and now the trim does not sit flush. Sorry i cannot be as informative of the issue. Does anyone know how to replace it, or whether or not i can buy a new one? (Or even what it is called!?) Thanks in advance.
  7. Focus Zetec 2009 - Lock Sound At 15Mph

    You guys are very helpful! My cars gone in for some light tracking as the car was veering to the right a little when the wheel was kept str8 on a dual carridgway. Thanks again guys!
  8. Focus Zetec 2009 - Lock Sound At 15Mph

    Hi Jeebowhite, My door defo do not lock. So much so i went as far as driving off and after hearing the noise i pulled over, climbed into the back seat unwound the window and tried to open the door, and guess what it opened. So it cant be the motion lock. I have also read that the 59 plate focuses (mk2.5) do not have the motion lock feature. So i am assuming it must be the abs check. I am someone who worries so really i am after peace of mind in regards to the noise. After the replies on thos this thread and reading elsewhere, i have presume it must be the abs check. P.s - as mentioned i tried the motion lock disable procedure i.e turn ignition to position 2 , lock / unlock 3 times etc, but i did not get a beep. So my focus must not have this feature This forum is mega helpful.
  9. Focus Zetec 2009 - Lock Sound At 15Mph

    Wow! Thanks for both uour replies! I was going nuts trying to Do the motion lock / unlock thing yday! Does the abs check only occur ecery journey? i.e when the car Is turned on and drives away? The reason why i ask is because The sound seems very similar to the sound described when ppl Hear the motion lock kick in. Do the 09 plate focuses have this Motion lock? Thanks guys.
  10. Hi everyone, I brought my first ford last monday. It was a focus zetec 2009 facelift model. I love the car, its well built and perfect. However, just one thing, whenever I hit 15mph i hear a locking sound, its very faint. I have searched All over the net and tried the motion lock / unlock setting but, i have had No joy at all. At times my door lock would not even let me lock / unlock 3 Times in a row. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do the mk 2.5 facelift models Have a different way of deactiviating this feature. I tried To unlock the door from outside when the lock sound happened When my wife was driving but it still opens from the outside. I brought the car from evans halshaw last monday. I have it Booked in on wednesday to get the tracking aligned as the Car pulls to the right when the steering is held straight Any help regarding this locking sound would help, its driving me nuts. I dont mind the motion lock feature (if thats what it is) But as i am not able to activiate / deactivate this feature I am kind of in the dark! Many thanks in advance for any help! Regards.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums creationuk :)