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  1. Hi, The Fiesta badge is broken on the back of my Zetec S and I'm wondering how do I remove it and find a replacement badge? It's the F that's broken, it looks like someones snapped it off. Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. It's de-badged. I removed the Fiesta and TDCi badges. I was hesitant about removing Zetec S badge so I left it in the meantime although I'm tempted to remove it too.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate it. I'll do it today!
  4. Fair point. How do I go about de-badging? I'm a complete novice.
  5. I'm wondering how much it would be roughly (I understand it would vary depending on the business doing it) for a full body respray on a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec S? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Reason for wanting a respray is that the paintwork wasn't in great condition when I bought the car a few months ago and it's recently been keyed quite severely on the passenger side door panel. Zetec S colour is currently black.
  6. Hello. I'm just home from purchasing a black Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Zetec S from a dealership and it's a cool looking car. (09) B) I'd like to do some interior modifications and when it comes to a car and modifications I'm in uncharted waters as I've never attempted to modify anything in a car before... I'm wondering what would be a good starting point for me? ***** Interior Modifications; Floor mats Tax disc holder Armrest (Boomerang recommended) Colour code silver plastic(s) Ambient lighting (If wiring is there)
  7. It's a sad moment when you discover your Zetec S doesn't have footwell lighting wiring (what I'm assuming is a "holder" is there). Could anyone point me in the right direction to the easiest guide to follow? :(
  8. I'm not even going to attempt that in the future (as a modification).
  9. Interesting looking at different dials for the MK7. A simpler way for me to explain it would be all interior orange/red lighting. Is there a way to change the colour of that or is it not possible?
  10. I like red and black (thinking about interior of the car). I have a question: Is it possible to change the colour of the dials inside the car (orange/red)?
  11. That's the same as myself. I've never modified anything on a car before. I'm starting simple, working my way up!
  12. I agree. If I'm going to be using red I think it'll be a similar shade to the Zetec S badge.
  13. I agree. Gun metal or silver look best considering your car is black (I also have a black Zetec S).
  14. When I've been mentioning red silver plastic throughout the topic this is something similar to what I had in mind. (I've removed the picture in the mean time. I want to make sure it's ok to post someone else's picture). Image on page 2.
  15. I appreciate your input in this topic iNath super helpful for a novice like myself.
  16. I Googled hydro dipping and there is a business 11 miles from where I'm at that specialise in it so that's definitely a possibility. Is it hard to remove the silver plastic?
  17. Can't tell if that's a joke or not haha! I'll edit the post to be safe.
  18. I'm thinking red lighting if the wiring is there. I haven't checked yet. I'll be gutted if it isn't. I wonder what red plastics would look like in a black Zetec S (similar to the interior of a red limited edition V word C word haha).
  19. Regarding colour coding silver plastic; would that be painting or wrapping?

    Centre Armrest Kits.

    What armrest is that you have there iNath? I'm assuming it's Boomerang from a previous comment. I'm just looking for clarification as I'm looking into buying one myself.