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  1. Pet Peeves

    No need to apologise.. Watch out for the electric handbrakes my mates went faulty on his renault scenic and it was a small fortune to get it repaired and that was with mates rates..
  2. Pet Peeves

    My brake light pet peeve is in the Highway Code see below : In stationary queues of traffic, drivers should apply the parking brake and, once the following traffic has stopped, take their foot off the footbrake to deactivate the vehicle brake lights. This will minimise glare to road users behind until the traffic moves again. Law RVLR reg 27
  3. Pet Peeves

    Sitting at traffic lights at night, and the car in front sitting with their foot on the brake pedal blinding me with bright red light, drives me daft! Oh and getting undertaken annoys me too.
  4. The Cost Of A Motoring Conviction.

    Frightening, Drive safe everyone!
  5. Fiesta Tdci 08

    Hi have just bought my 1st diesel fiesta 08 with only 19k on the clock. I have read of a few problems with the injectors / seals. Does this happen in the minority or majority of cases and is there anything I can do to help prevent this from happening? Be kind my 1st post by an excited new ford owner. Thanks in Advance Spiderham
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Spiderham :)