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  1. Error Code P0158

    What side of the twin cat is it passenger or driver's thanks abd under warranty ?
  2. Error Code P0158

    i have just got a mk3 focus and i have got this error P0158 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 2) but its a twin cat one of them variable valve timing
  3. Water Hose Locations Hxda 1.6

    im drawing a pic now lol
  4. Water Hose Locations Hxda 1.6

    water pump ? there aint a hole in the water pump do u mean the oil cooler pipe ?
  5. Water Hose Locations Hxda 1.6

    its under the inlet manifold on the left side of it the left bottom rad pipe goes too
  6. Water Hose Locations Hxda 1.6

    any one ? im stuck
  7. Water Hose Locations Hxda 1.6

    its this one it goes on the front of the block and it goes off to the right
  8. any one got a water pipe diagram im in the middle of putting my enigine in and i seem to have a spare outlet on the eingine its a plastic piece that has 3 holes with themostat in it and i am stuck on the right hole can not find where it goes its located under the inlet thanks
  9. Hxda Bottom End And Hwda

    And the hxja engine he has is complete inlet and everything
  10. Hxda Bottom End And Hwda

    Dam are the hxda known to be reliable engines or crap mines only done 54000 with full service history and it's goosed
  11. Hxda Bottom End And Hwda

    what about the hdja its a 2010 1.6 vvt out of a fiesta i rang fella today he said its the same engine just any faults they found with the hxda engine have been altered
  12. Hxda Bottom End And Hwda

    hi any one know the difference in these engines they are both 1.6 16v from 2005 from a focus or a focus c max im after a bottom end for my hxda and have seen a hwda one thankyou
  13. Focus 1.6 Bottom Ends

    the thing is i have a 1.4 fiesta bottom end out of my fiesta and that is not a ti vtc engine and the bottom end is identical to the focus bottom end ovously the piston size will be different but its so alike its unbeliveable
  14. Focus 1.6 Bottom Ends

    hi im new to the focus ownership i also have a 2003 ford fiesta the question i have i have bought a 54 plate ford focus 1.6 16v with vvt and one of the pistons have cracked not a clue how but it has . my question is are the earlyer model focuses 1.6 are the bottom ends the same and they have just changed the head ? the engine is hxda thankyou for your time