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  1. Hi all, Yesterday I looked at upgrading my 2008 1.8 TDCI for a 2009 1.8 TDCI, I noted 3 of the injectors had their reference numbers blanked out per Pic attached. I assume that could represent 3 of the 4 injectors have been reconditioned but I am guessing so would be greatful for opinions please..... Thanks in advance Brian
  2. Hi Allister, Late reply to your post I know...! I also (have) have had same issue. It comes in bouts like a flu and then goes away again. One evening last week I ended up on the side of the road 5 times in malfunction mode and yes also with Traction Control yellow warning light flashing ...its extremely dangerous as you only have seconds to realize whats happening and move to the side of the road assuming there is space to do so. Switching off ignition and restarting and then off again for another run of the gauntlet. My wife had the car the previous week and same happened to her...she had to walk back to the house as my phone was on silent ( was working late) and take other family car to work. She was not a happy camper...picture no sound and all of that...:-/ I am not a mechanic, I do have a degree in electronics so I am somewhat technically competent. I took my tools out and from info from forum I blanked off EGR valve with a home made blanking plate. Since I did this the car hasn't gone into Malfunction mode since although I have had a shudder or two since. I concluded that the engine was getting choked with a leaky EGR valve that wasn't closing fully after initial take off from cold and the engine would eventually choke from lack of oxygen. I am possibly hoping against hope here as my Focus is a 2008 reg with 246,000Km 152,000 Miles. The code on the top of the Injector does end in 3 but I am not sure what the code on the side of the Injector is, its suggested in earlier post that the Injector has to be removed to fully read this code. Should I be thankful that I have done decent milage without having all injectors replaced or should I expect Siemens Injectors to outlive the engine...not sure on this one. One other piece of info I have may or may not be relevant....Focus was running great up to this bout of 'flu' but I had to have the rear trailing arm bushes replaced so while car was in garage I had mechanic replace diesel fuel filter with genuine ford filter. Replacing the rear trailing arm bushes required a lot of banging and hammering at the rear and also required rear end ABS sensors to be electrically disconnect. I have double checked these connections inside the rear wheels and pushed them home to made sure ECU is not sensing some abnormality from here. Just a thought..! Brian
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums 1.8FocusTDCI :)