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  1. So what else have I been up to? Took the plastidip tint off my rear lights, didn't peel off so tried removing it.. Don't ever plastidip your lights guys... Front tyres changed to PS3's, these are the best tyres IMO, can drive it normally through wet patches, much better than the potenzas anyway. 6K HIDs and 6K LED fogs fitted (Richard Patch on Facebook supplied them), Left is upgraded bulbs, right is 6K. Better image White induction hose (can sort of guess what theme i'm going to be going for here) Stickers White battery cover Ford Fair! Mudflaps have gone all...flappy at the back, doesn't cause any issues just looks weird, been told get self-tapping screws and pin them in or tigerseal them.. 16Plate Rear lights and Maxton spoiler extension White mist jets, after a good clean as well. Upgraded Interior footwell lights, Numberplate LED Units and reverse bulbs, all from CEUK While the car was clean, took the opportunity to get a few good shots, got lots more but these are the ones I can currently find.. "Ford in a Ford" Still got loads more to do, need to fit my white ITG Induction kit, side skirts, maybe an exhaust! Follow my Instagram as well if you can be bothered - max_cobos
  2. Top guy! Will be keeping an eye out for future updates, see what other white things I can add to mine
  3. £4K damnnnnnn, atleast it isn't your money and they admitted the fault!
  4. Looks good, interested to see what you do with the engine bay
  5. Sad to see all the work done on this go back! I'm guessing you'll be doing a lot to the ST then? How did you get on with the spare wheel and the sensor by the way? I've bought a spare ST wheel without the centre cap or sensor, but I can just remove the cap and sensor off one of my other alloys can't I?
  6. Nice, picked the best colour! For the boot, you can just get that wrapped black can't you?
  7. Looks good, i've got the same dustcaps as you, nice little touch.
  8. Very clean motor, where did you get the mats made?
  9. Hi Guys, Been really busy at work the last few months and traveling so haven't had time to keep up to date with this, but i'll be posting up to date soon! Technically you're right with the spoiler but I changed my mind... Sorry about Ford Fair, I did go in the end but didn't put in for the stand or anything. Still haven't seen you around Enfield! Already had the splitter done! One box was the standard spoiler! But i've changed my mind on that... didn't think the RS spoiler went with it if i'm honest.. Thanks, most local wrapping companies will do this for you, alternatively you can buy a roll of the stuff from eBay, in fact i've probably got some at home that i haven't used if you want it? Wrapping companies should have it pre-cut for you though. In one of the box's was and standard Zetec spoiler, to of course fit the RS style spoiler onto. But I had second thoughts and it looked crap... In the other box was of course... eyebrows!
  10. I think that's the one I've heard to be fair, I'm sure there was some CS involved though