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  1. I got the same St too, so want mp215! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Nick, Very good work you need to get some more stuff done on it now though that you've got the bug! Good read!
  3. How long do the packs take to arrive?
  4. jd_james

    Ford Fair 2014 - Who's Going List ?

    I'll be there on stand with the firsta ST mk7 :)
  5. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Hahaha i got one of the 'common' colours though... Loving it so far just want it mapped now.. Got the ST2 with sport pack - has everything the zetec s did apart from reverse sensors. I actually drove worse with the sensors though as i just relied on them! Should defo have a meet.
  6. jd_james

    Thinking Of Buying A Fiesta St

    Pretty sure you get a jack sure its a legal requirement - haven't actually checked mine! And yeah there are jacking positions same as any of the other fiesta's. You can swindle the ST mats from them, i tried and failed and just got fiesta ones (since they just want to sell you the car) but give it a try , definitely don't pay for them though.
  7. I just signed up cracking deal plus with all the theme parks etc!!
  8. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Picking it up this Saturday so will show some pics with the mods I'll take off this car. Shame the dmb overlays are gone now :o red on black won't look good on this We just need some meets now! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  9. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    It's been a matter of days.. And the verdict? Sold st2 with style pack spirit blue 7k miles. :p Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  10. jd_james


    The issue is so common though, must be some crap piping or something if thats the case. I only smelt it in the car. I dont have much of a clue about cars just know i get it too in reverse - never on a level ground only on hills. Strange.
  11. jd_james


    Had it with my current zetec s as well, live on a slight incline smelt like rotten vegetables. Classic sign of the clutch. Took it back to dealership and then eventually replaced clutch on warranty after countless arguments still get it now just can't be arsed with the hassle. Think a lot of fiesta's do it.
  12. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Cant find it on the website will have to give them a call tomorrow. Thats with who i bought the car from, however the mrs just got a fiesta from Evans Halshaw and I am tempted to visit them and see what they can do. They have a lower mileage car with all the extras except for sat nav. Surely they'd love to take MY business too! My credit is with Ford Credit Europe guess its a standard procedure, surely i can shop over at Evans Halshaw?
  13. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Guys you are all bad influences! I went down there after work today... They're offering me a spirit blue ST-2 with 9K miles for £13995. They are pushing me into the PCP again with it over 3 years as 5 years HP would bump up the price a lot. Only paying an extra 40 quid a month , insurance no more (just checked) but they want 850 up front. Going to get GAP taken off since they hold their price pretty well and hopefully I can get them to reduce that 850 upfront to 500 or less. I'm feeling a bit like > What comes with the ST-2 over the standards though i know there are a few extras I dont think the sport packs on there does that mean the sav nav/DAB/bluetooth isn't?
  14. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Ok thats a good indication think you have the same extra's as me just less miles, can you argue that you will take it to another dealer of course offering 500 quid extra etc? I guess you can go to anyone.
  15. jd_james

    Confused - Not Sure What To Do!

    Ah thats positive then, my thinking is doing it around September time (thats 18 months in) If i leave it any later I will rack up more miles be in even more negative equity I feel I might want to keep that a bit more as in for at least 3-5 years though. So they offer you a new finance agreement with new milage etc so I could up it to 10K miles. I can see it all costing slightly more but that is to be expected from a better car and owning up to more miles pa. Think I may give the garage a call... Bet interesting to see what they offer for a Zetec S race red 14K, brand new front wheels with a lot of added on extra's :)