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  1. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    Ok I got it replaced and car is running smooth and petrol consumption seems better and there is no misfire. I think my cousin said there's some kind of build up in the exhaust that will clear after a few days. So thanks for the advice. Slight bit of bad news I hit a pothole and dented my driver side alloy wheel and have a slow puncture!
  2. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    Thanks for the advice artscot79 , I will be careful when buying the parts. I did buy Bosch spark plugs from this place. They must have genuine parts there.
  3. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    I saw a coil pack for £18 at the gsf website and the ignition cables for £16. I'm going there in the morning then to the garage my cousin works to get it fitted. He mentioned to not start the car after installation and to clear the codes like ChrisH mentioned. Fingers crossed it gets sorted! Then I can enjoy my car more haha
  4. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    Hi everyone. So got it checked yesterday and the computer said its a coil 4 error. I am getting a new coil pack tomorrow and hopefully that will fix the misfire and fuel consumption problems!
  5. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

  6. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    thanks for the advice so far. It did used to stutter/vibrate when changing gears but new spark plugs fixed that. Now it just stutters/vibrates when in no gear at all when its stationary. I will buy a new coil pack to fix that issue. I will get the engine light read on saturday but it only appeared when my cousin removed a cable i think that was connected to the air filter, after changing the air filter the engine light stayed on. When driving it runs like normal but just consumes too much petrol! i was shocked out how much petrol it is drinking compared to my last car.
  7. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    My cousin works in a garage and will check the engine light for me. I will get a coil pack and replace on Saturday and new leads for the spark plugs too. Hoping all that fixes the petrol consumption! Will get him to do a full body check incase there is a leak somewhere. I don't think the previous owner changed anything in the car for a long time.
  8. A Few Focus Issues. Newbie Ford Owner!

    Hi everyone! I have noticed my focus drinks petrol like crazy. For example I put in £30 petrol and it was gone in a few days pretty much and I only did a about 60/70 miles. It also vibrates in idle. I have put in a new air filter and new spark plugs and it has made no difference. Doesn't appear to be a fuel leak anywhere either. I do have a engine light on which I'm getting checked out on Saturday. Is that something to do with it ?
  9. New Ford Owner

    Hello everyone! I normally end up buying German cars but now have a ford focus ghia 1.8 04 plate.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums PersonaNonGrata :)