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  1. 1.4 Tdci Charging Problem

    I put the meter on it just now and it's reading 10.4 and dropping slowly while engine is running. The light has decided to come on now too
  2. 1.4 Tdci Charging Problem

    Forgot to mention it's an '02 mk6
  3. Has anyone had their 1.4 TDCi stop charging but without the battery light being lit? Voltage across the terminals doesn't change when engine is revved. I'm presuming the alternator is likely knackered but the light not staying on is what's really puzzling me. It lights up as normal when you turn the key to acc and goes out as normal when the engine fires.
  4. Got to the bottom of this problem. Turns out one the 60 amp main fuses in the distribution block on the battery box was blown. It didn't blow for no reason so went investigating round where the loom goes behind the turret and through the bulk head. Turns out that the wiring had been rubbing off a bracket and the insulation had all but worn right through. It obviously shorted when I disturbed it and blew the fuse. Good job that it happened really as it could have easily let me down whilst driving. All fixed up now and working perfect
  5. Hope you can help me with this lads. Fitted a a new headunit using the connect 2 kit. All was working perfect so I decided to run the cables for the sub. So whilst fishing the cable through the grommet in the bulkhead, the radio went off. I first thought maybe it timed out so went to switch on the key and nothing. The LCD display is dead and car won't turn over. Checked all fuses.
  6. This may seem like an odd question. Should my 02 mk6 finesse have central locking? At the moment, all doors need to be locked individually so I presumed it just wasn't fitted. However, when I tried to find info on fitting central locking, all I can find is ways to upgrade from manual to remote locking. This has me thinking that it may actually be fitted but not working. Any thoughts?
  7. Mk6 Upgrades

    Hi all. I've just aquired an'02 5dr 1.4 TDCi finesse for free! It's pretty basic but very good mpg. I'm wondering if I can retrofit the electric windows and central locking from a higher model to it. I've already ordered the kit to change the radio and I'm on the lookout for some 2nd hand alloys. Are there any other easy mods you could suggest. It's quite a big difference from my mk3 Mondeo ghia in terms of performance and spec.
  8. Ill scan it again tomorrow and see if there are any sub-codes. Thanks lads
  9. Hi!

    Just a few wee issues with airbag and an abs pressure transducer. I've started a topic about it. Actually loving how it drives. As I said its my first ever ford out of a lot of cars. It's the 115 bhp 5 speed and has plenty of go for daily use. Hoping it will be as good on fuel as my old passat was!!
  10. Thanks Peter. That's kinda what I was thinking. It's entirely possible that the blown bulb is throwing the spiral wiring fault aswell. Ill just have to get in there and see
  11. Hi!

    Hi all. Recently bought an 06 Mondeo TDCi Ghia to use as my daily driver. Got it very cheap as it has a few small problems that need ironing out. This is my 36th car and my first ever Ford. I'm into Toyota Celicas. I have a '91 GT4 and I'm a mod on the Celicaireland.com forum. I'm looking forward to looking through your forum and I hope I can add some info as well as gaining some.
  12. Hi all. I just bought myself an 06 mondeo TDCi. I have an issue with the airbag light. It doesn't come on at all. I read the codes using autocom and I get B2293 (spiral wiring driver or passenger side) and B1870 (airbag warning light short to positive). My first guess is that the bulb fairy has paid a visit and removed the bulb to prevent it from flashing. An I right in saying that the spiral wiring is in fact the clock spring immediately behind the steering wheel? And, is there in fact, a removable bulb in the cluster that may be blown or have been removed. Some clusters now have LEDs in. Just looking for a little info before I go in there. Thanks guys.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Davyc :)