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  1. Still no joy with this car, cylinder no 3 still off and smoking like hell, iv checked glow plugs, is there a way to test the injector or what should my next step be cheers
  2. Oh yes a big warning ! When working on crank shaft sensor fill the hole in with some tissue etc , I dropped the bolt into the gear box and had to partially remove the box I was not happy !
  3. Sorry the crank sensor goes as far down as it can . We had it about 3 mm from fully in and it wouldn't go .
  4. But surely if it's smoking fuel is going into the cylinder but not igniting ? As for a compression test the engine ran perfect in the car it was taken out of. Could glow plug cause it
  5. Hi all finally got it going where the garage failed ! It was the crank sensor was slightly too high . Now it is only running on 3 pots ( 2nd from timing belt off ) and smoking like hell I would welcome your thoughts on that and best way to test it thankyou.
  6. I really hope it's that simple cheers .will keep you posted
  7. the garage is not getting any fault codes and as iv said the injectors etc have been re coded to car by the same garage using a snap on the way the injectors were off the old engine,changed over to the correct cylinders. the car is still with the garage at the mo and iv give them your advice about fuel air locks( which i admit the aluminuim filter in the engine bay was totally empty when we connected it up ) as the good old haynes said it was self bleeding! i will up date you all as thing happen cheers guys.
  8. How do I bleed fuel system please as my Haynes says its self bleeding thanks.
  9. Have already tried two crank sensors the earths seem to be in the correct places but there dosnt seem to be any fuel pressure as iv said it will start up on easy start for a second or two the only things I can think of is 1) the fly wheel in wrong position so crank sensor not picking up signal ,but I think it had a dowl to locate it so can't be wrong. 2) when building new engine back up I thought I could get round the pump having to re coded so I swapped the two electrical parts from the original pump . Every thing was recoded anyway and no faults were brought up on snap on diagnostics.what are your thoughts on these things please everyone .
  10. the original engine had a knackered bottom end but ran the second hand engine ran sign of any smoke on start up but engine starts on easy start spray briefly. I swapped the three piece clutch as well I dont suppose the fly wheel could be in wrong position could it.
  11. first of all hello to everyone and thanks fo taking time to read this. i have a 53 modeo 20l tdci with 130 duratorque engine. i have just fitted a new secondhand engine and cannot get it to start. i got a local garage to come out and re code the injectors and pump,he also had to re code the key for some reason. (they used a snap on diagnostic tool.) she still wont start , i got the car towed to the same local garage and they had a look at it and brought up a cam sensor fault ,which they re placed with a new one . she still wont start. they said there was no more they could do so now im stuck ,can anybody suggest what my next step would be thanks .
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums cliffy 71 :)