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  1. Footwell Lighting

    i would think you need to change the bulbs if it is wired with white lights at mo.
  2. Reverse Gear Problem

    the problem i have is when i put it in reverse and start to reverse it jumps back out should i take it back to fords?
  3. Mk 7 Battery Refit And Reset

    would i need to do anything when i reconnect the battery i e any codes
  4. hi i want to fit a rear view camera and not sure what i need to do do i need to take the battery off if so how do you disconnect and reconnect and reset what ever can i connect camera and screen to rear brake cables i am a bit worried about doing this without advice many thanks to any one who can advise pip
  5. Nokia 820 Phones

    just out of interest what phones do you guys use , this could be a long list . pip
  6. Nokia 820 Phones

    hi does any one know if the nokia 820 link's up with 2012 ecotec 1.6 tdci fiesta, as i had a iphone that use to work realy well but it is dead so using my old phone lg and it won't join up to the car so looking for a new phone to link to my fez. ps it has sony radio don't know if that makes a difference pip
  7. Car Update

    hi i was reading about updates i have recently bought a fiesta 1.6 econetic 12 just wondered if this car has been updated i have set up bluetooth when i get in the car it automaticly connects the bluetooth to my phone does this mean it has been updated or has latest soft ware in stalled.
  8. Dan At Adrian Flux

    hi dan i filled in your quote form about insuring my 2012 fiesta enconetic 1.6 tdci titamium it said you would have to get back to me but iv'e not heard from you yet my insurance runs out 10th april 2013 mr p hadnutt could you look into this for me . cheers pip
  9. Fiesta New Owner Needs Help

    aha many thanks for your help cheers pip
  10. Fiesta New Owner Needs Help

    hi sorry should have said 4 stud you you know how they measure?
  11. hi to one and all i have just bought a fiesta 2012 14" wheels eco 1.6 diesel no spare wheel! i am trying to find one but am getting confused when measured the wheel hole spaceings i make it between hole centers about 78/80mm but people i have contacted about wheels say that there wheels will fit but they say spacings are 108 am i measuring it correctly i measure from center to center but they say diameter how would you measure maybe you can tell me if i am right or how do ford work out hole space . many thanks pip
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums pip1954 :)