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  1. If you give them a title it will stop that. Sync uses the filename if there isn't any tag data (eg. titles, artist etc)
  2. Yeah just install it then right click on the folder with your music and select MP3Tag. This will load the software up and you can name each track and click save. :)
  3. MP3Tag is my favorite. Very powerful and best of all free!
  4. I've heard the headlights are a slightly different shape on the MK7.5?
  5. I had my scuff plate go on one side also. I booked it in a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago and it was sorted in an hour as they had one in stock.
  6. Checking the ford site it looks like your phone hasn't been tested, but the higher model (p970) is only partially supported. I think it ultimately depends how old your phone is.
  7. Mine arrived yesterday for £11 and I've got to say I can't complain at all for the price. Very nice pile and seem strong enough! Time will tell tho but if they last even three months I'll be happy! :D
  8. Booked in for Tuesday all in £265. rears, colour coded with labour and half a days work. :)
  9. Hey all, I picked up my car yesterday and I'm wanting to add reversing sensors to it as SWMBO isn't the greatest parker. How much should I expect to pay if I went to ford so I can keep my guaranty? Sean
  10. Of course. Although I didn't fancy waiting 3 months for another colour so I chose red, plus its my fav colour. :P Oh yes its the grill that I love :P
  11. Hey, This is my first post so I thought I'd add a picture :P. Just picked up my first new car this morning. Ahh nothing like new car smell. :)
  12. For me, black on black just doesn't work. Alloys are a show piece! Choose a colour that will show them off, like white!