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  1. Zetec-S Exhaust Mod

    Believe this was you? Is this not an option then? Sounds perfect for my situation if true?
  2. Zetec-S Exhaust Mod

    Yh, think il just leave it or buy a trim to get the exhaust On show at least
  3. Zetec-S Exhaust Mod

    Any guesstimates how much that could be?
  4. Zetec-S Exhaust Mod

    Only problem is the car would be in ford options therefor probably given back at the end of it Would ford do this? Or a company where ford warranty wouldn't be void?
  5. Seen this stuff on the Internet but is it road legal? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-51mm-2-Flexible-Stainless-Steel-Flexi-Tube-1-Metre-Exhaust-Multi-Use-/230830064007?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35be8b4187 Reason I ask is wondering if you could get the exhaust of a zetec-s fiesta to look like the focus st exhaust. Bumper is made for it IMO.
  6. Exhaust On Zetec-S

    That sounds affordable then. I was only worried that exhaust systems on the Internet can cost £300 then add fitting costs but that sounds affordable Thanks for the answer :)
  7. What's the cheapest and easier way of getting the exhaust on show? I don't have the greatest knowledge on car so changing the whole exhaust system would have to be done in a local garage and cost s bit more Can you buy exhaust trims that curve as I understand the stock exhaust will face the floor. Can you simply cut the exhaust and buy trims with the right measurements and get around it that way.
  8. Facelift Zetec-S

    Yh I've seen it on the metals Just gives an extra sporty look style back think it an ST for me :)
  9. Facelift Zetec-S

    Anyone got a good pic of the rear of the car? From the pics I've seen the exhaust isn't on show like the previous model
  10. Plasti Dip

    Thanks for the info! Ordering my fiesta st this week and alreading planning my mods :)
  11. My Possible St

    Great minds think a like
  12. Plasti Dip

    Looks like it works Not a fan of the patterned effect though but each to their own What about on the outside of the car is it durable to use on wheels?
  13. Thinking of using it on wheels, door handles, side view mirrors. Anyone had experience with this stuff?
  14. My Possible St

    Looks great in the pic mate!
  15. My Possible St

    You could do whatever you wanted mate White would look great but as you said just like a S1600 Black wheels would look great with performance Blue Search up some old Focus ST's in performance blue to give you an idea