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  1. Thanks for that Vinny as I got a message as well.
  2. Alloy wheel centre

    Excellent Mintalkin, had a look, wasn't sure about the size. Emailed them, they sent photos back. Exactly the right fitting Superb, you are a superstar Thanks
  3. Alloy wheel centre

    Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it and bought some but even though the decal is the same size the inner didn't fit, it's a major struggle.
  4. I have a damaged wheel centre on one of my alloys. The part number is P079-1S711000AA and it is white with the Ford logo in the centre. The hole has a 55mm diameter and the decal is 60mm. Does anyone have a spare cap hanging about that I would gladly buy or know of where I might get one. I'd be happy to change all four caps if the decal didn't match. So looking for either one replacement or all four if decal doesn't match what I currently have. Help much appreciated.