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  1. New Car Tomorrow!

    Thanks, odd that his has the switches by the side of the seat yet all the pics I have seen have them in the console
  2. New Car Tomorrow!

    Did you opt for full leather option? The reason I ask is because I notice your heated seat switches are in the console but on my mates Titanium X with full leather pack the switches are down by the side of the seat
  3. Fiesta 2013 - Eco Boost Performance Questions

    Very nice, any chance you can take pics of the dash/bezel & also some at night as well Also do you get the heated seat switches on the dash or on the side of the seats like the all leather pack? Mate has just ordered a black titanium x with leather pack
  4. Titanium Ecoboost

    Any pics especially of the interior? Ta :)
  5. Titanium Ecoboost

    Ok that makes sense ta
  6. Titanium Ecoboost

    Oh ok ta, understand there being a switch for parking sensors but is ESP not standard on the Titanium X then because there looks like only one active switch on that photo which is the start/stop button?
  7. Titanium Ecoboost

    Thanks for that, looks nice a decent contrast to the shiny black as well Above the heated seat switches (how many settings do you have for these btw?) are 3 buttons one is the stop/start on/off switch by the look of it but the other 2 look blank is there meant to be something there?
  8. Titanium Ecoboost

  9. Titanium Ecoboost

    Any pics of the interior of the Titanium x (colour of centre console etc)?
  10. Personalising Our New Ka 'edge'.

    Neat job, what colour is that Sunrise or Flame red?
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums leedebs :)