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  1. Lx To St

    Thanks for the advice guys...
  2. Focus Shakes Over 80Mph

    check your tyres too see if they are mis shapen/bulb in the wall, i had this once it was on the inside of the tyre.
  3. Lx To St

    Cheers Daniel, look forward to it.
  4. Lx To St

    Thanks, i'll check with my insurance first then. I have looked for posts on here for engine replacements and bodywork but can't seem to find any, could you point me in the right direction please.
  5. Lx To St

    Hello everyone, I am after some advice if you all don't mind, i have a fiesta LX 1.25 mk6 2003 with an engine on the way out and have purchased a fiesta ST engine from a friend and was thinking of putting it in my LX is this possible? and if so what is needed to complete this project. would it have to have the brakes upgraded, shocks upgraded, wiring loom upgraded, bushes upgraded and also wondering if the front and rear beams would need changing too. I also have too replace my front bumper as i am eating venison for dinner at the moment because a deer decided to jump out infront of me and break it for me, the issue i have with the bumper is that because it is an LX model i have to buy a 2 piece bumper because the one piece bumpers dont fit, is this true because i was looking forward to getting an st bumper to fit to my car. Looking forward to your comments. Darren
  6. New To Your Forums....

    Hello Everyone, Its nice to be here and i am looking forward to chatting to you all in the near future. Darren.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Helmetvonspit :)

    1. Helmetvonspit


      Thanks Very Much, looking forward to my stay here on your forums.