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  1. What Can You Fit In Your Ford?

    You joking right? I fitted the engine of my Honda (d16z6) in my Punto. The Punto was completely on the ground :)
  2. Exhaust System Shop

  3. Exhaust System Shop

    ok thank you all for the information
  4. Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine

    There are users saing that the injectors are different too
  5. Exhaust System Shop

    I was asking about the meassures because as far as I know the de-cat is just a pipe but if I buy one for the RS may not fit on my standard manyfold.
  6. Exhaust System Shop

    I´m gessing that you already have the de-cat. Is the same size as the Petrol? and manifolds? still standard?
  7. What Can You Fit In Your Ford?

    yup to many hollidays with 5 people and 1 car or 4 people but 1 was a girl <_<
  8. Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine

    not for me I don´t like it
  9. What Can You Fit In Your Ford?

    I don´t think that anyone can beat me on this matter :D Punto 55 1 entire doble sofabed 1 double mattress rolled 1 table pegeout 206 1.4hdi 2 chest of 4 drawers 1ª trip 1 wardrobe plus 1 King size Bed all from IKEA 2º trip 1 King size mattress rolled from IKA 3ª trip so yestarday I bought the focus and on the way back home I got two chair so is just a question of time until I do something :DDD
  10. Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine

    the turbo I know is different because is the main change. the one in 110 is the vgt gt1544v but garrett says only goes until 150hp and I don´t want to use the turbo in the max so I need the GT1548v or gt1549v these goes until 200hp
  11. Exhaust System Shop

    Hi I´m from Kettering and I would like to know where can I get a exhaust system for a good price in northamptonshire?
  12. Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine

    thanks for your answer there are users saying that the 110 injectors are the same as the 90 injectors and another users like you saying that they are different. what I looked on the internet they are the same because when you look to buy they only say is for 1.6 tdci. If they are diffrent I would like some facts please :( like saying the ones on the 90 only go until 2000bars and the ones in 110 go until 2500bars The Turbo I would like to put a VGT (hybrid Turbo) to but because my car don´t bring one, I will need to do a lot of changes so I don´t know. I was thinking in the GT1548v
  13. Lx To St

    you can always buy just the body kit to look like one :P
  14. Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine

  15. Focus Tdci Has No Oil Pressure At All

    That car was a racer for sure. You have a big problem there, I don't even know how to say this but if the bronze was out you will need to spend a lot of money to fix that because the mechanic needs to check if the camshaft is ok and then put a new one. If you know how to check with your own hand you only need new bronzes