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  1. Happy Birthday Focuslass!

  2. Introductions .....

    Hello I'm Valerie and from East Yorkshire have owned loads of focus's fiestas, a puma. now currently own a Mk2 Focus 2.0 tdci titanium and a Mk5 Fiesta Focus has - msd kit, msd grill, 18'' ace, piper quad exit exhuast, colour codded all round, ice. Fiesta is standard at momment give me time tho!
  3. We have a mk2 2.0 tdci titanium and baught it from new the 1st one that we had the engine blew up after 20 miles on the way back home from picking up from the garage. (LONG STORY) the one we have now was the replacement we go, but still gives us trouble now and again, its jirky at slow speeds sometimes, doesnt like to start sometimes (not offten) think the egr valve needs replacing already! give me mk1.5 anyday!!!!
  4. mk5 Fiesta fuel light

    Just got a little mk5 fiesta and the fuel light and tank is showing empty, so we filled it up with fuel to see if it would unblock what ever but it only needed £4.21 worth of fuel before it was full so that means we had a full tank and it was showing empty. we then went to visit family and parked on a hill. when we got back in the car and started her up the fuel light had went off and the fuel gage was showing full. but after about 1mile the light came on again and the fuel gage went back to empty. Any ideas what it could be?
  5. Yorkshire Newbie hello

    Thanks. sold my puma and now inherited a little mk5 fez in silver
  6. What Do You Do?

    Im a care support worker
  7. Car Names :P

    ive not had names for all my cars but my silver focus was either silver beastie or max, my black fiesta zetec s was called jet, and i havent yet came up with a name for the red focus yet.....
  8. How Long Have You Owned A Ford?

    Ive had a ford since 2004. i baught my silver ford focus for my 21st and i done it all up the i stupidly sold it and have pine'd for it ever since. if anyone sees it or knows where it is i want to buy it back its in yorkshire somewhere. following on i have since had a ford of some kind. im hooked.
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    pevious and current cars
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  15. Hi all Im Focuslass, im on a few other ford sites thought id join this one. I have currently a mk2 ford focus titanium in red 3dr 2.0 tdci and a 98 ford puma 1.7. in the past i have owned mk1.5 ford focus 1.4 mk1.5 ford focus 1.8 tdci sport mk1.5 ford focus 1.8 mk4 ford fiesta mk6 ford fiesta zetec s tdci Hello all. x