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  1. That's probably the highest any owner has even gotten out of a 1.0 ecoboost.... Even at stock with normal driving 45mpg was a push with the 100ps version....
  2. After the issues i have had with my bluefin i have had an updated map since coming from an ecu update from ford themselves and its much better... The mid range pulls like crazy now, much stronger all round and i would have to say it feels more than the 140bhp quoted. Going to try and get an 0-60 time on it as it feels a much stronger car now.
  3. Just as its something not covered under warranty and there is a chance they would do an ecu update you see so pluging the bluefin in would save the tuned map onto ready to reload when the car was sorted.
  4. Not been on here in a while but thought I would up date you guys on the 100ps bluefin remap. In Jan it was my car that was used for developing the remap for this little engine and got the remap free and just had to pay cost for the handset. The map was fine and only a few little things u notice from the original apart from the extra power. 1. Fuel eco stayed the same for me which i think is great for the gains. 2. low down driveability is much better also. just pulls strongly from the get go. 3. and this is the only issue I find really. Its like every now and then but quite hard to replicate i find. When moving at speed and put my foot down and even if i change down a gear its like theres turbo lag or something going on. Nothing happejns for about 2 seconds and just ever so slightly jerks the car and then the power comes in. Bit of a strange one. Any way last weekend to prep the car for little service as its done a few miles already this year i went to reload my original map back from the bluefin to the car. It went through the process fine all progress bars showed and got to the end and its asked me to turn ignition off and unplug the device. So when i tried to start the car it would not start and comes up with every malfunction on the screen from immobiliser to power steering. So i tried the bluefin again and it just comes up with an error E001 and is unable to read PCM and there was not way of sorting this as superchips are closed at the weekend. We had to get the AA take us home and they dropped the car off at our ford dealer and i messaged superchips with the details. Monday i had a call from superchips and snet the map back to my bluefin and put the handset to a recovery mode which should have sorted the issue and let me remap it again as it looked like the bluefin deleted the map on the device. So due to working a late shift i tried the bluefin on tuesday morning and it still did the same thing and so ford had to check it out and they found the ECU was totaly wiped and had nothing on it and of course was not covered on warranty. Slightly lost trust in the device now and superchips to be honest. I tried to see if i can claim it from the superchips warranty as it looks to me its obviously an issue with the bluefin as its worked on the car before and it went through the progress bars and things fine but superchips would not cover it. So just a heads up and keep it in mind. if you dont have a second car to get you to work and back if your bluefin fails at the weekend then maybe look into something else.....
  5. I guess from dyno to dyno it would change the reading just the fact they are different ages and manufacturer I guess but next payday I was looking at doing a rolling road session near me. It's 30 quid for the 30 mins so not sure how expensive or cheap that is but I want to see our of curiosity if anything what my car produces. Sent from my HTC One X using Ford OC mobile app
  6. I had mine back in late Dec/jan last year on the 62 plate and I would say it felt fully ran in after the 1500miles mark. It's now done 12500, how time flies..... Sent from my HTC One X using Ford OC mobile app
  7. no just from the 125ps version. the 100ps we can get 141ps only. there are some differences in the engine just no one seems to know but the graphs would suggest turbo would make most sense.
  8. yea no exact science there but it gives a good guess i would say.
  9. also:
  10. i would say its about the same fuel wise once settled in, mine is doing the same when i had the 100ps remap done
  11. has a feeling it would get more than the 145 thats great. superchips do a good job...... its crazy to think its only 30bhp away from the st with 1 less piston in there and 0.6lts less capacity.
  12. The map as it is was made for stock so no upgrades needed :) Sent from my HTC One X using Ford OC mobile app
  13. not sure i like the sound of that :/ going that high would surly require supporting mods to keep everything smooth and drivable