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  1. Focus 1.8 Tdci Random Dash Lights

    I think I will get my mechanic mate to have a look at the weekend, hopefully its something simple. thanks
  2. Hi All I have a MK2 2006 1.8 tdci Focus. Every now and then the dash brings up EML or the big red light with cog or the seat belt light. There is no loss in power or judders and turning the ignition off and on turns the lights off. There is no codes stored in ecu. Does this sound like a wiring issue? also I have heard about ecu updates?? thanks in advance
  3. Bit of a story here..... I changed the fuel filter on my mk2 1.8 tdci, bad idea. Wasn't till the end of the Haynes manual guide that I realised I need a primer. A roadside guy came and he tried the usual stuff to get started including loosening number 1 injector. In the end I was towed to a local garage and he used a primer and it started. My wife did a 250 miles round trip and then parked the car outside the house. The next day I was met with a road full of diesel. I took to a mechanic mate and he noticed that injector was pouring out diesel. The roadside guy hadn't done it back up! My mate tightened it back up and it started up great and I went and put diesel in it and drove it home. Next morning it wouldn't start! I got it towed to a ford dealer and after 3 days they have come to the conclusion that the injector he loosened has a fault and needs replacing! Now I have seen stories on here and other sites with similar problems where people chuck money at the car and doesn't solve the problem. Apparantly their is no air in the system and the fuel filter is a ford one. The mechanic says fuel is getting every where it should. Any ideas or is a new injector the only way??? Thanks.
  4. Leak After Fuel Filter Change

    thanks for your help but problem sorted, when i changed the filter i realised that there was no primer so roadside recovery guy came out coz it wouldnt start, he undid the injectors to help get the fuel flowing, we got it started but he didnt do the injector back up, had a mate sort it, thanks!
  5. I have changed the fuel filter on my ford focus 1.8 tdci mk2, i now have a leak, i have attached a photo of something i found on the ground near where i was working, is it a part i have missed? thanks
  6. Dmf Or Solid Flywheel

    Thanks for that! I think i will stick with DMF just to be safe. What is your thinking on a used DMF, been quoted £92 delivered with a 6 month guarantee? I know 6 months on a clutch is nothing but i suppose it depends on how many miles the car it has come of has done? Otherwise i am looking at about £250 for a new one!
  7. Dmf Or Solid Flywheel

    Hi all, this is my first post, I have a 2006 focus 1.8 tdci with 111k on the clock, clutch is slipping and had a noise coming from engine bay and 2 mechanic ( one a ford mechanic) said the noise was the thrust bearing so new clutch. I am buying the parts myself and a mate is fitting it for £120 but need to know if mine is a solid or dmf flywheel, is it possible to know this before taking the car to bits?? and i see you can change from dmf to solid. what is peoples thinking on this too?? thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Stoodz :)