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  1. Bp Utimate Petrol

    The XKR is a performance engine and does have knock sensors, because its such a big engine the difference in BHP could be quite big, it'll also smoothen the engine out so it will be noticeable.
  2. Bp Utimate Petrol

    If a car has a knock sensor then it should gain from higher grade fuel. Basically, in the engine, it operates under compression, lower grade fuel can pre-detonate (i.e. explode before the spark), this lowers the engine power output because not everything will always fire at the right time. Engines with knock sensors can also lower the power output to avoid the pre-detonation. With higher grade fuels, you dont get the pre-detonation, and you also get slightly more energy in the same qty of fuel (i.e. a litre of 97 should have more energy than a litre of 95). So enough with the geek stuff, it does actually make some difference. Tesco do a 99 RON fuel which is awesomely good, I tried it in my Fiesta a few times, it ran a bit smoother but that was all. Trying it in my bike does make a difference - it will then very easily power wheelie in 2nd gear, which it doesnt do as well on 95. I tried 102 on it at a trackday (was a BP fuel) and that was the same jump again.
  3. It's Gone - No More Mk7 :(

    Yep, they're nice cars, however they're VERY highly strung and require a lot of work to maintain. The BM can be used as an everyday car and also a bit of fun, without ridiculous maintainance.
  4. It's Gone - No More Mk7 :(

    It's not bad, its very comfy, the seats are all electronically adjusted and move in lots of ways, I done a 2 hour drive (each way) last week and found it much comfier than the fiesta, I also noticed I seemed to get there/back a little quicker :) I agree in a way though, I dont think the entire interior is as nice as the mk7, but I looked at a hell of a lot of cars, and the MK7 is just extremely good. Ford have went above and beyond to a degree, I think someone their has said the interior sells the car and they've went the whole 9 yards on it. I had difficulty looking at used cars in the < £10k bracket that had an interior that looked/seemed as nice as the mk7. It's a cracking road, I enjoy it on the bike as well, but is top fun in a car. Cheers, I was always impressed with the Stereo in the mk7, I always found it very good. The beemer one though so far is worse than that of a 2001 Freelander, a 2005 Impreza WRX and certainly worse than the mk7. I've already got a new headset however the faceplate adapter was out of stock so no point fitting it until that turns up. I'll see how much that improves it and then look towards changing the speakers/getting an amp if it's still really bad. I'm not a boy racer type that likes stupidly loud music, however I do prefer decent sound quality and it certainly doesn't have that at all.
  5. Thanks Dad , :):):):) 55 Plate To A 59 :):)

    Yeah they're top bikes, sounds like he's had quite a few. I've had four bikes, three of which have been 600 hondas. I'd like the idea of the 1000cc but really I think its too much for me. I borrowed my brother-in-laws for a week and I was much slower on it in corners because I was scared of the back stepping out because of the torque, with the 600 I dont get this that much. They're really nice bikes though.
  6. It's Gone - No More Mk7 :(

    Yep, I had heard this, and it sucks really really badly - I'm amazed anyone could pass it off as a stereo. It reminds me of the Alba stereos that Dixons used to do. As you say though, it appears to be a common issue with most BMWs. Here are a few pics, I took them the other night near beachy head Eastbourne.
  7. Thanks Dad , :):):):) 55 Plate To A 59 :):)

    Cheers, yeah the new blade is lovely. I rode one not long ago, oodles of torque. Quite a few people say Hondas are boring, I just dont think they ride them properly.
  8. It's Gone - No More Mk7 :(

    Hey guys, Yeah i'll upload some pictures. Its an E46 330ci Coupe in Dark Blue and does look nice. It has the business harmon kardon stereo with a 6 disk changer in the back and 12 speakers... however, the sound quality is terrible compared to the 6 speaker system in the Fiesta, it's by far the worst part of the car. I've already ordered a new Sony Headunit with Bluetooth, faceplate and steering wheel control lead. I'll see how that goes then look at changing some of the speakers. PoshPaws - I also like the Focus ST/RS, but for what im after now they were just too expensive - not to insure, but in what they'd loose over the next year. I needed something that had lost most of its money as I might not have this car for that long.
  9. It's Gone - No More Mk7 :(

    Hey all, Well, the time has happened and today I sold my MK7. I've had it a year and 3 months, it's been a cracking little car. My main reason for changing was hitting 25 so my insurance has taken a dramatic plunge. Seriously, I thought it was all bull with that, however a week before my birthday i done some quotes, then a few days after i done some more. The prices had literally halved. So, with that in mind, I went and got a <swear word>BMW 330ci</swear word>. Finding it really nice so far and it's very quick, has a very different feel to the fiesta. But have got to say, I've loved the Fiesta and would have loved to have kept it as a second car, has been a lot of fun and a damn good car to drive. I'll hang around a bit still if you dont mind though, I still live in hope of a Fiesta ST/RS. Cheers Rob
  10. Thanks Dad , :):):):) 55 Plate To A 59 :):)

    Hey, Congrats on the car, they're really nice. I've just got rid of mine :( I'm only down the road from you though (near hastings).
  11. Hi All

    Welcome, new car looks really nice. I never really liked the saloon focus however that one in your pic looks stunning, very nice work indeed!
  12. Erratic Handling In Windy Conditions?

    Not really, worst i've had is a freelander because its quite tall.. Although to be fair, anything with 4 wheels is nice. hanging onto a bike in the wind can prove pretty tricky.
  13. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    Hey Tom, Still have a 1.4 Petrol, if you want it then maybe in the next month or so is best. Possibly swapping it for something else soon so let me know, I can call to discuss if easier. Regards Rob
  14. Rear Seats

    Not the sort of thing I know how to do, might be worth saying what model of Fiesta you have though (i.e. MK4 or MK7 etc). Then owners that know that car could help. Failing that, Haynes Workshop manual might do the trick.
  15. Plastic Vent

    Happened to me once, luckily it was 3 days before it was booked in for its first main service, I couldn't see an easy way to get it back in.