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  1. Constant Beeping

    Hey all been along time since been on this, but tonight after work I got in my car started as normal, drove off and about 5 secs later constant beeping then the beeps seemed to get quicker, only light that came on was my handbrake light, but was fully down, Can someone shed some light on this Thanks in advance
  2. Constant Beeping

    Passenger was sitting with seatbelt clipped in, seatbelt light didn't come on anyhow, just handbrake light, Although I have notice the handbrake has a lot of play when not in use, is this normal
  3. Constant Beeping

    different type of beep than seatbelt and surely the handbrake light wouldn't be on
  4. Just a quick question but would this void my warranty if I did this
  5. I loving that, any chance of telling me how you did it and where you got the equipment, Many thanks
  6. Anyone Put The New Shell V-Power In Their Fez?

    We don't have shell anymore, but to me it's a money spinner same petrol but classy words, just my own opinion.
  7. Hi all, when driving home tonight through country roads, I stuck my high beam on, but what I noticed was no blue light on the dash, is this normal, or is I broke, could it be a fuse, car only 2 months old Thanks in advance James
  8. 2013 Fiesta

    Took her ford this morning and she needs a new dash cluster, they have never had the fault before. And have to wait upto 3 weeks for the part, hectic
  9. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Liking the nautical blue, had to silvers past, but I like the tangerine and the st green
  10. Sony Stereo Installed

    Do you reckon I could do this with the 2013 model, cause I emailed ford and they said hey could not change it or didn't want to know. wish I went for the upgrade.
  11. 2013 Fiesta

    There is a space there but no light coming on.
  12. Gear Problems ??

    Had the same problem with gears, mechanic just asked me to double clutch it, he ended up taking it in and giving it a clean out, seemed to sort her out, but never got a good test after it, as got a we car. Not related to the problem just fancied a change. As for you windows can't help you there.
  13. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    I'm assuming it the outstanding field service actions, not 100% sure, but that's where I'm looking
  14. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    Nothing for 1.25 nautical blue
  15. New Owner

    Had one of these, 1st car loved it to bits 100 miles for a tenner.Mine started to cut out going round corners, then heater matrix went, got rid of her after ramming a into the back of police car, and got a 04 fiesta.
  16. Front Bumper Respray

    Some one rolled in my fiesta last week, got a price of ford, there charging £338 for a coupe of scrapes and a chipped rear bumper, c only 3 weeks old, says on the quote sheet, replace rear bumper, labour is dearer that materials than paint
  17. Space Saver Spare Wheel ??

    I had a full size tyre in my 04 fiesta, but not with the new model, shame I wish I would have took it out, don't even get wheel nut locks
  18. Snow

    I got my new fiesta out first time, and that was on a hill
  19. 2013 Fiesta

    Hi all, new to this forum Picked up new fiesta last week, 1st new car, lovely motor, just a couple of things does anyone know what the ball is on he dashboard it's black and what I can see does nothing. And does it have a outside temp gauge hidden in the system, Thanks
  20. 2013 Fiesta

    Sorta helped but I don have climate control
  21. Fiesta