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  1. Engine Cover

    Does a Ford Fiesta 60 Reg have a plastic cover underneath of the engine to protect it? thanks Jon
  2. Rear Fog Lights

    How many rear fog lights should illuminate when switched on? thanks
  3. Buzzing Sound

    Ford fiesta 2010 Aux In-line buzzing sound when there isn't not lead connected but only happens when the volume is quite high. The rest of the stereo is fine.
  4. Dashboard Repair

    How to remove a scratch on my dashboard on the gloverbox door? My car is mk7 fiesta zetec? thanks Jon.
  5. Paint Code

    I have taken a photo of the plate, please advise?
  6. Paint Code

    Hi, i have a ford fiesta mk7 and unable to find the paint code on the car, my car is moondust silver. Can anyone help plz? thanks Jon
  7. Steering Lock

    I can not decide or remember if it was. it's going to peoples on Monday anyway.
  8. Steering Lock

    I was only worried because today after work I moved the steering wheel to put my key in the iginition and it sounded like bang noise.
  9. Steering Lock

    Thanks, its a mk7 fiesta not mk6
  10. Steering Lock

    Can anyone put my mind at rest, when my steering lock is on my mk6 fiesta there is give/ leeway on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is locked but no completely still. thanks jon
  11. Door Alignment

    Hi, can anyone confirm the door aligment on fiesta 2010 isnt perfect, the trim doesnt seem to be straight in line with the back door, both front doors are the same? thanks Jon.
  12. Bottle Jack

    How to use a bottle jack on a fiesta 2010? The jacking points? thanks Jon
  13. How to repair chipped black plastic trim around the front door windows? thanks Jon
  14. Air Sound

    thanks for the response, I will have a look tomorrow. Does it need to go back if its out or can it be done myself? thanks Jon
  15. Air Sound

    hi, Is it normal in a Ford Fiesta 2010, when you drive upto 40mph and above to have a air sound around the drivers side door. My car has already been re-bonded on the door at ford. thanks jon