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  1. has anyone ever fitted parking sensors to the front of there car, I have a focus mk1, and parking is very tight in our street. thanks.
  2. I will be fitting a tow bar to my focus hatchback 2004, is the electric wiring an easy fix. thanks.
  3. do i need to rub down with wet@dry first. thanks.
  4. decided to respray the door on car to remove a lot of scratches, follow ing instructions on cans, but cannot get the shine back. i rubbed down with 1200 wet@dry and sprayed on several coats of paint. after a week rubbed down with 1200wet@dry and sprayed on laquer. after a week rubbed down with 1200 wet@dry using plenty of water polished the door and no shine, and looking very dull. where did i go wrong.thanks for any help :(
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums darkshadow :)