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  1. Ford Focus Brake Master Servo

    hi, the pressure was tested via the vacuum pump as well as the vacuum hose take off, it is a diesel. the method used was a vacuum tester that connects to the hose and pump. the recommended pressure is 500mm HG and my pump is chucking out 600mm HG, so by rights this is working. Kind regards
  2. Ford Focus Ghia 1.8Tdci

    ok, no problem. good luck finding a cheap engine for that then, let me know how you get on, kind regards
  3. Ford Focus Ghia 1.8Tdci

    360672355215, try this ebay number, it's it Maidstone, but they will carry it for yah! about £50. Kind regards
  4. Ford Focus Ghia 1.8Tdci

    Shame as i've just scrapped a decent bottom end... still you don't really want to know that! you could shop around however getting it delivered is a pain! Can you not re-furb yours?
  5. Ford Focus Ghia 1.8Tdci

    Hi, you can get a half decent engine from E-Bay, i got one for £250, albeit did not come with all of the injectors/turbo etc, however you could use yours. Where abouts are you? Kind regards
  6. Ford Focus Brake Master Servo

    Hi Guys Carrying on from my last post, now completed a diagnostic on the vacuum pump all this seems to working, now testing the servo the pressure builds up to 600mm HG after a minute, (seems a bit slow to me) and when the brake pedal is depressed the pressure drops to about 350-400mm HG then takes a minute again to build up! If the brake pedal is depressed several times the pressure drops to zero. Is this normal behaviour for a master servo or do you feel this a faulty item. I have changed this with a second hand unit and was a complete nasty job. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Kind regards and drive safe
  7. Vaccum Pump Pressure, Tdci

    Finally found the pressure of the pump! for future reference it must be at least 500mm HG, anything less than this then the pump is faulty, looks like i need to look elsewhere as mine is about 600mm HG. Kind regads
  8. Vaccum Pump Pressure, Tdci

    Hi Guys and GIrls, Does anyone know how much pressure should the brake vaccum pump should produce on a Ford Focus TDCI, i'm experiencing major issues with the servo assist brakes, mega hard pedal and limited braking, changed the brake master servo, one way valve, brake hoses and serviced all for calipers. My only thought now! is the vaccum pump producing the correct amount of pressure to assist the servo, there is a little amount of pressure though. Kind regards Captaintess.
  9. Ford Focus Tdci Vacum Hose Diagram

    Hi Scott, it EO52 PLV, chassis number WFONXXGCDN2P59906, the problem is very weak braking, been tested on a rolling road and all four brakes are braking equal. Been to four garages now and no one seems to know whats wrong, one did suggest that the vacum hoses on top of the engine may be fitted wrong????? KInd regards
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone sent me a pic of all of the Vacum hoses that run across the egr and brake servo, got a major problem as i think these hoses are not in the correct position..... If you can help, can you send detailed photos diagrams of each hose. Many thanks Chris
  11. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Have they completed a fuel drop off test/leak back test??? also have they replaced the injector harness correctly? i know this from experience. number 1 and 2 injector harness can easily be mistaken. Oh while they are at it, get them to check the cylinder compression.
  12. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    There may be an issue with the ECU, however i've not had many through the door with this issue! Good luck and let me know how you get on!
  13. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    I've run these engines with uncoded injectors. Albeit runs a bit rough. I would suggest having the car codes read again.
  14. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Hmm... it does depend on what diagnostic equipment is used. I have spent years fixing Ford Diesel engines and most problems with TDCI would come from the fuel pump or the injectors. When the injectors are re-programmed they reset the values and go into a pilot mode, as the engine rev's and drives the ECU counts the pressure to hold back or force more diesel through the curve! I would ask them to revisit the injectors and perhaps watch them re-programme the injectors..... Also if there was an issue with the fuel pump, this would break down inside and sent swarth or tiny bits of metal through the fuel system to the injectors! thus blocking them, best way to check is to remove the fuel filter and drain into a clean clear tub and shine a very bright light through it to see if there is any metal fragments. if there is then the system will need a complete refurb, i know you stated that this was done! but i do have issues with garages saying that this was done! Have they completed a leak back test on the injectors????
  15. Focus 1.8Tdci 2003 Non Start! Help!

    Did the Garage do a full diagnostic code read? Have they attempted to re-programme the injectors back in? A lot of the problems on the TDCI come from the Fuel delivery, this could range from blocked pipes throught to damaged fuel pump! Have you had the electronic injectors removed and checked by a diesel expert, it only costs about £70, albeit if they have issues then you could be looking at a bill of £500 for these to be re-built and then these need to be programmed.