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  1. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    Thanks :) its amazing to drive! I just stuck that on for now, felt weird driving without one after driving with a thick leather one for so long lol
  2. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    So it came today! Check out instagram.com/jillianpx for pictures!
  3. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    I think the major delay is only with the white Zs due to the paint problem, hopefully yours is ok!
  4. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    Red is nice but like you said there's loads! Almost everyone ive seen is red! Ive some good news today, phoned the dealer and the car is in Dublin. Be here by the weekend! Light at the end of the tunnel!
  5. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    did you find out what was going on with the bulid date?
  6. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    Do you know any sites to have a look at the red seats? Ones I seen might not be the right ones
  7. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    Had to tax my car aswell for 6 months, ran out in February :( def claiming it back tho Mot is due in a few weeks, fingers crossed the new car will be here before that
  8. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    :| lets hope it doesn't come to 4 months lol
  9. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    Yea I ordered red too! The dealer phoned a few weeks after my order and asked if I wanted to change colour. The red and black looks good! Have you actually seen the red seats? Not sure about them now
  10. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    I was told mines been built but no one has a clue when it will arrive. phoned today and was told it should be here by the 30th but ive been given so many dates I'm doubting everything now. What colour of seats did you order?
  11. White 2013 Zetec S Delays!

    I'm new to this site so hi everyone! I placed an order for the new zetec s white in December. I've literally had delay after delay, been promised it every week for the last 2 months. I know there was a problem with the white paint but I've seen a few online being sold for the past month, so thats resolved! I was told last week it was in Southampton port and would be here today, phoned today and no sign of it. anyone else having these problems? :/ getting abit annoying now car is being delivered to belfast by the way!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums jillianpa123 :)