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  1. Wing Mirror

    Yes it does Dave,but in the hand book it shows a small black cover and the way to remove it is squeezing the sides, where as mine is a much larger cover and it didn't move when I tried to remove it. Thanks anyway.
  2. Wing Mirror

    Thanks Nathan, I did try that but I was afraid of breaking the glass! My son in law had on such fear he done as you suggested and it clipped into it's right place, I think to remove the cover it must be prized off from the back, possibly with a small blade. Kind Regards
  3. Wing Mirror

    My fiesta edge 59 has wing mirrors mounted on the doors as they all have, the cover has not been fitted correctly , Can anyone tell me how to remove and refit the cover, In the hand book it shows a small black one being removed, mine is a larger cover. Kind Regards
  4. Fiesta Manufacture

    Thank you Daniel, It's hard to keep track as they are moved around so easily.
  5. Fiesta Manufacture

    What county are the fiestas manufactured,?
  6. Car Keys

    I take onboard your advise and I thank you as I thank all members for the warm welcome, Kind Regards
  7. Car Keys

    Thanks for the information, when the salesman is in full flow giving me the details, I can' take it all in, It' only when sit down and read the handbook all the gen sinks in!
  8. Car Keys

    Good evening gents, I'm a Newbe, which makes me laugh because I'm 78, I'm taking ow near ship of a Fiesta Edge 1.25 on the 30th. The sales man tells me there is only one key! Is this usual?. Kind Regards
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Eijack :)

    1. Eijack


      Thank you Steve, sorry I've been so long to reply but been very busy with family matters. Kind Regards