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  1. Hi All, Newbie From Dorset!

    Thanks mate, I've been having a browse through some of your guides, some of them are going to come in useful :) Thanks mate, I'm happy to say that it's all my own work too! Well, apart from the clutch and diff, Dreamscience are doing that fun little job
  2. My Minor Mods To Date

    You've been busy haven't you? . Looking good though. Just so you're aware, the RS exhaust doesn't fit the cutouts in an ST bumper, the tail pipes are further apart on the RS :)
  3. Hi there, I can't really advise you on the Zetec S itself, as I've never owned one, but I can confirm that the ISOFIX kit is very easy to install yourself :) I retrofitted it to my ST in about 10 minutes.
  4. Hi All, Newbie From Dorset!

    Thanks guys :). It's come along way since I got it last August - it was completely standard then . I've been having a bit of a mooch around the forum, seems like a great, friendly place for getting info B)
  5. Hi all, I'm Rob, I'm from just outside Bournemouth on the south coast and I drive a Panther Black 2007 ST-2. Here's a few pics and details : Tuning: Custom Ramair Induction Mongoose 3" downpipe + "Stage 8" locking bolts Scorpion decat Piper cat back exhaust Dreamscience Dsci map Dreamscience/Radtec intercooler RS Clutch (booked) RS Flywheel (booked) Quaife LSD (booked) Elevate boost solenoid Handling: 25mm Elevate rear anti-roll bar & poly-bushes Eibach springs Exterior Styling: RS bonnet vents Gloss black front grilles Custom front lower grille Gloss black/Colorado red fog surrounds LHD reverse light Gloss black side badges Facelift rear badge Red/Black gel overlays Red/Black ST brake caliper plates Flyeye film Climair wind deflectors Gloss black wheels Black/Red wheel center overlays Interior Styling: Red/Black steering wheel gel overlay Custom red/black center console plastics Red/Silver heater controls Red footwell LED lighting Hydroprinted engine covers (Panther black/red skulls) Auto Specialists chrome crossover pipe Red silicone vacuum piping Skunk2 billet shift knob I'm currently working on fitting the RS airbox etc. The current setup is fine but I want it neater. I'm also working on fitting a mk2.5 dash cluster, but I need to get the cluster coded with the correct transponder numbers so the car will actually start
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bahnstormer :)