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  1. Titanium Headlights To Titanium X Headlights

    I'm hoping to find out the Same thing IE will ST-3 Xenons fit in an ST-2 with halogens, just plug and play? I'd also plan to add the auto-levelling senors and washer Jets....
  2. Hi, I've just puchased some OEM Ford Xenons with DRL for my 2013 Focus ST, it currently has the Halogen lights in. To get the light working will it just be a case of plug and play? I'm also looking to order the self levelling device and appropriate parts to get the washer jets working before I run these lights. Anyone know the Part numbers/prices? Thanks in advance.
  3. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    So its been a few weeks now and I've not done too much to the car. I'ts been washed a few times and has a nice layer of Wax now, I finally got my Docs from DVLA to put the plates on her and I've recieved my Gel Badges. I've started spraying up some mirrors gloss black and a boomerang arrived in time for the snow, i've fitted it now in the hope my services can be used should any more snow fall... I must say the Collins remaps really settled in well now and third gear acceleration is properly quick! Will probably look to add more power in the spring. Think next up is springs and spacers.
  4. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    What's your name Marcus I'll invite you to the group.
  5. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    Marco, Join "Mk3 St owners (UK)" group on Facebook there's a few of us in there now plenty of things going on...
  6. 100K Mile Service - Anything Extra Required?

    You really should be issued with an "Acheivement" Badge at 100K
  7. Focus St Or Mondeo St????

    Mk3 ST is worth a Look depending on your initial spending limit. The cabins such a nice place to be! It drives really well too, The handlings a little twitchy at first but a set of powerflex bushes sorth that out. I know its not got the burble of a mk2 Standard but a de-res pipe adds a crackle and burble to the exhaust. I've had mine remapped recently and its properly quick now. I'm regularly geting 25-26mpg just pottering to town and back. Road Tax wasn't as dear as a mk2 either.
  8. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    The resonator delete sound even better in person! I'm very impressed. It was about £35 for the pipe and £30 for a local garage to fit. Will do me till I've got £1200-£1400 for a down pipe sports cat and cat back system. I like the complexity of the tangerine scream, it's got as much going on as the spirit blue, saying that I saw a red one the other day that had a few gloss black bits on a and it looked mint!
  9. Chrome Window Sill's

    I have a Mk3 Focus St But want to spruce the outside up with a little Chrome, can I get the chrome window surrounds like on the Titanium Models?
  10. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    Link to my sound Clip after the Resonator Delete... http://youtu.be/UIwtB4AIpzQ
  11. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    Well, I've been busy over the Last month... De-Res Fittted Colder Plugs Fitted Turbo-Smart Dual BOV Fitted Steeda Short Shift Fitted Collins Stage 1 Remap installed (Hitting about 280ps now) Team Heko Wind Deflectors Installed 5000k H7R HID kit installed. Few more Pics taken....
  12. New Focus Owner Mk3 St-2 Spirit Blue

    Well I've ordered more bits for her already. Cobb Short Shift arm Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie Dual Port E-Focus Rear Engine Mount 1 Step Colder Spak plugs Deresonator pipe for standard exhaust (till I save up for a full system including sports cat)
  13. Well Its Goodbye From Me....

    £125 delivered they retail @ £249 only covered about 2000 miles and in really good condition.
  14. My Focus Zetec S So Far :-)

    Also how did you fit them? Is the connection not the same as the one on the ST-2? Some horrible big plasic block that coneects to the bulb?