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  1. Mileage Query

    Its just a pain as when i have around 120 miles left I cant trust it and the miles drop so much. the avergae MPG is 38. Just dont see why it would suddenly change for the last quart of a tank...
  2. Mileage Query

    Car is only a few months old, and has happened on every tank so far, done 220 miles so far and the last 100 just drops crazilly no leaks or anything like that, as I would assume this would be the case for the rest of the miles not just the last 100 or so miles on the clock.
  3. Mileage Query

    Well yeah, its just wen it gets to around 120 miles left it starts dropping 2 or 3 miles per mile, which obviously means the last quart of a tank is only 50 miles or so
  4. Mileage Query

    Hi All just a question in this. basicly get good miles from car however when it gets to say around 120 miles left every 0.5miles or less it closks as one mile. I drive the same as always which is at or below speed limit correct gears and such, but seems when it gets to around the 100 mark it starts to drop dramaticcly. On last tank it supposedly took me 27miles to drive home from work which is a 6 mile drive, normally it tracks fine, tank is just under quart full. Has anyone else experienced this at all?
  5. Minor Scratch

    I have never buffed anything on a car so a little cautious. I only every T-cut my older car but that was a state. T-cutting wouldnt damage the paint around the area at all would it?
  6. Minor Scratch

    Hi, Just a question, Got a new Focus and have noticed a very very very slight scratch on the drivers door. Cannot feel the scratch when i touch it its that light. Whats the best way of sorting this? I dont want to be using anything which removes the paint at all. I have metallic paint also so not sure if theres any good recommendations to sort this. Not even had this a week yet :( Pic of scratch attached looks worse in the pic though
  7. Focus Mp3 Question

    Hi all, Am new here so if I have posted in wrong place I apolgise. I picked up my Focus yesterday new 13 reg. And I have a question about the MP3 setup. in my old car I had a JVC MP3 player where I could skip a whole album at a time. Is this possible on the focus' built in player? looking through the manual I cant really find anything regarding this. Also this is the standard DAB radio not the Sony one which is available. I have many CDs with MP3s on them with 10-15 albums on each most of which I skip as they annoy me now so is there anyway of easily skipping these albums/folders? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums dizwod :)